About Us

Our Epic Journey
We keep up with history while making our mark.

Our Epic Journey

We Keep up with history while making our mark.

Advocating Business Growth

This is our passion

LinkVista Digital Inc. is a digital marketing and online solutions company that was established in order to provide small to medium businesses with an opportunity to access a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business needs in a reliable and secure way. We help other businesses grow and to stand as a supporting station and a partner in reaching their potentials. Our goal is to let businesses focus on their chief operations while the outsourced staff do all the auxiliary work, this way, no opportunity, and potential will be lost, yet productivity is still optimized.

LinkVista Digital Inc. has satisfied multiple clients of all types of businesses across the globe and by far commendable for utilizing the best approach in any given service provided to them. The company who initially specialized in digital marketing and staff leasing reached out to companies who are looking for an efficient yet cost-effective solution for their own business needs.


Great quality doesn’t need to be costly

Lower Payroll Costs

One of the primary benefits of offshoring to countries with lower economic costs is that our clients can obtain highly skilled university educated staff for a fraction of the cost. As well as managing the risks and HR orientated tasks of these staff, LinkVistaDigital Inc. will pass on these significant cost savings and aim to save our clients up to 50% on what they are currently paying for the same skill type.

Lower Capital Expenditure Costs

LinkVista Digital Inc.’s clients also save on capital expenditure. Using LinkVista Digital Inc. removes the responsibility of changing or maintaining infrastructure for back office functions. The cost of expanding or moving office can be very challenging and carries high costs, particularly during periods of growth.

IT Overheads

Part of the IT costs relating to the offshore LinkVista Digital Inc. employee is covered by LinkVista Digital Inc. This removes the capital outlay, ongoing support costs, maintenance agreement costs and management overheads associated with delivering this from a clients’ own site.

Reduced Human Resource Risk

LinkVista Digital Inc. pays its staff a professional salary, with generous bonuses. We invest in our people and treat them with respect. Our goal is to build our employee brand as an employer of choice.

Increased Efficiency

By offshoring with LinkVista Digital Inc., our clients get expert and skilled services. We are in the unique position of providing these services to a broad range of clients. We are able to adopt an approach which leverages ‘best practices’ from what we see across the board. This ensures that our staff is equipped with the right knowledge and experience to perform the role to a high standard and efficient manner, leaving our clients free to focus on core functions.

Increase Revenue

An advantage of utilising offshoring services is that it enables business to redirect energy and personnel into the core business. Using LinkVista Digital Inc. enables our clients to reduce back office costs and free up cash-flow that can be used to increase revenue. This can be achieved by hiring additional sales staff or hiring additional offshore services such as marketing.

Gain the Competitive Edge

Businesses that obtain resources at lower costs develop an advantage over their competitors.

Our Role

We make the outsourcing and hiring process possible by providing you the best service


The LinkVista Digital Inc. office is equipped with fiber optic leased line internet connections for fast and stable internet access. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, our office has its own generator. The employees are also provided with spacious desks and the office is fully air conditioned. LinkVista Digital Inc.’s office is located in a prime area with good transportation links, making commuting for employees convenient.

Professional office environment

Our HR executives and managers work from the same office as your employee. Accordingly, we monitor and supervise your employee at all times. Ensuring your employee is working at all times and is doing so from a professional office environment.

Telephone with any local number

You can call us through our toll-free number (1 800 988 6038) from your home country. Call and coordinate with your team if needed.


The employee you hire will be provided with an up to date system to perform their role. All other computer equipment necessary for your campaign is also provided.


We provide and ensure the use of licensed software, including the latest Windows operating system.


The Best Services Possible

At LinkVista Digital Inc, we have a key point of difference - the quality of our people. It's through the skills and knowledge of our consultants and support staff that we are able to provide our clients and candidates with outstanding results and exceptional service.

We Care

We bring in a unique perspective as to how we can help increase your sales as this is truly the ultimate goal of nearly every business. Rest assured that we constantly care for our clients’ triumph as we’ll be glad to be a major part of it.

We Boost You

We base our core strategy on a proven system tested by the people at B2B settings. We let you experience ultimate digital marketing solutions that are uniquely built to boost your potentials as a brand.

We Help You Be Known

We admit that it takes a broad range of expertise and skills for us to ensure that we can give you the best solution across the spectrum of digital marketing. But, one thing is for sure ­ we’re best at making brands known.

We Communicate

Along the way, we can develop a cutting edge reporting method to let you comprehensively know the status of your campaign. We advocate transparency. Thus, we aim to continually give you information at the most efficient way possible.