To Work With a Team or To Work Alone? That’s the Question

By: Patrick P. | October 21, 2016

You may find yourself thinking that it is much better to work individually sometimes than with a team of your co-workers. If you have thought about this, you are not alone. Many employees think that it will be much better for them to work alone than with a group. However, is this really the best strategy in the workplace? In this post, we will weigh in some of the benefits of working alone and working with a group.


Work With a Team


The people who can best work with a group are the people who usually knows how to communicate well with others. With teamwork, employees get a chance to cooperate and enjoy a friendly effort among coworkers in their workplace. As a team, they can help each other in responding to questions and problems that could come up, making it more efficient to do the work.



One of the many benefits of working with a team is that you are given the chance to share your ideas with the rest of the group, and for them to do the same as well. Two heads are better than one. In this case, maybe many heads can do a lot better than one. A combination of each other’s knowledge, skills, and abilities can make problem-solving a bit easier than working on it by yourself.


Teamwork also gives the employees an opportunity to improve their relationship with each other. When doing a team effort, you may not get the credit which you have earned but when you are doing tasks as a group, you can get more done with less time and effort. You really don’t think about who gets the credit because you know that all of you have contributed something to get it done.


Work Alone


Working alone is simply that – relying on yourself to get things done. The plus side here is that you are your own team, your own boss, and your own supervisor. On the downside, you don’t get to experience the idea-sharing benefits of working in a team. However, when you get your tasks done, and you are able to do it splendidly, then you get the credit for those achievements.


Since you are the only one who did everything, you solely get the credit. Unlike being in a group where you can be in a situation where others did much less, but they are the ones who get credit, this one is all yours.



Working alone can also give you more focus and concentration. You will not be interrupted, nor do you have to adjust to what the majority of the group wants. The risk of working in the group is that time could be wasted by too much talking that almost borders on gossiping. It can be more fun but in truth, there is less work being done when everyone is busy talking. When you only have yourself to rely on, in an extreme sense, you have the option to shut everyone off so you can finish your tasks.


When you work alone, you are your own team and your own boss. It may be less fun, but maybe you can do things faster since you can concentrate more and you get to make your own decisions.


Now Take Your Pick


So here are the benefits of working in a team and working alone. Would you prefer to work with a fun team or to work alone and be your own boss? Share us what you think!


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