The Difference Of Global And Local SEO

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In the digital age, marketing with the use of the Internet has been widely used by many businesses. Companies are starting up their websites and posting their products and services to allow everyone around the web to see.


Of course, all this can be possible with the proper placement of content on your website. With the help an online marketing tool known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you can achieve a good status when it comes to search results.


However, many have been using a branch of SEO. The use of this tool by many companies helps them to increase their sales and promotions, but only focuses on a particular geographical area. Local business development or a local SEO is the term for this tool.


Here is a little information on both of the techniques to market online, before we proceed on understanding the differences of both global SEO and local SEO:


Global SEO involves a set of procedures that makes a site search engine friendly. In addition, it also raises the visibility of the website online and drives organic traffic to your site. There are two important areas of focus in the process of global SEO.


First is on-page SEO. This process involves a person to have a corrective approach, which mainly focuses on different phases of the web page. These various stages include the page’s Meta tags, page titles, URL Foundation, page content, sitemap, etc. On the other hand, off-page SEO develops the visibility of the page online with the use of different techniques. These techniques include link building, social media marketing, and viral marketing.


The primary goal of global SEO for your website is ensuring that your page gets a good ranking in the search results in search engines. In addition, SEO raises the online visibility of your page and thereby driving more traffic to your site.


On the next topic, local SEO is just like SEO but mainly focuses more on the local market or particular geographical locations. In addition, driving traffic should only belong to the targeted territory of the site, optimizing the page for better ranking in the local aspect.



Local SEO also uses some concepts from SEO, but, in addition, it utilizes other additional techniques. One of those techniques would be the optimization of the page for city-based keyword search.


Although they may sound similar and have the same concepts to take in mind, SEO and local SEO still differs from one another. One thing about SEO is that the business using such tool targeted global customers and optimized for global searches. While a company, using local SEO targets a particular geographical location and optimized for local searches only.


Concerning the use of keywords, SEO has no particular geographic indicators placed in their keywords. On the other hand, in local SEO qualifiers are present in their keywords. Such as the name of the city, ZIP code, postal codes, etc.


In SEO, the use of conventional techniques, such as on-page and off page optimization, targets a worldwide target audience. The content directs to the personal interest and the value of relevance of the clients from different parts of the world concerning the product. While local SEO, along with the use of conventional SEO strategies, exerts an added effort to tell the search engines that their business counts as local. The content should contain pieces of information from the company’s geographical area.


In determining what type of tool you should use for your firm, you have to consider a few important factors. If the enterprise targets customers from different parts of the world, then your tool of choice is the SEO. With the help of the Internet, you do not have to set up a local store for your business just to interact with these clients worldwide.


In addition, you can quickly sell your products to customers in other parts of the world. You can even sell your products to countries that are out of your reach. One example of a global business is a digitally based products store; where a customer can download music, movies, and eBooks.


If your company requires the customer to come to your physical store, then you can venture out in doing a local SEO. Here customers can purchase your product and hire the service that you offer by only coming to their stores.


Many companies will try to sell their goods and services beyond their limits, but they first require a strong local presence so that their products will have an established brand identity locally. Examples of businesses that can venture into local SEO are restaurants and healthcare centers.



For local SEO, if your campaign is effective, your business automatically be listed in local searches, and online visibility will boost among local customers. In addition, brand familiarity will improve among your target audience. Your company’s popularity will increase as sales go up.


As for global SEO campaigns, customers from different parts of the world will learn more about your brand when they continue to use the Internet to look for products and services in your niche. Your clients can know more about your business with the help of the net, with the Internet they can access your site every day at any time.


In addition, your brand popularity will boost up tremendously, and you can reach global customers even if you do not have physical stores in different parts of the world. With global SEO, you can inevitably improve the potential of your business and widen the horizons of your company.


In choosing the most efficient marketing plan, it is still a good thing to remember that your customers will always be the benefactors of what you sell. Therefore, do not choose projects that will downgrade your business, but plans that can increase your sales and boost your popularity.


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