Strengthening Digital Marketing Through 360° Video

By: Patrick P. | August 4, 2016

360° videos or Virtual Reality is here. It already has a platform, and it’s undeniably getting really interesting. VRs are no longer a playground for some wealthy eccentrics; it has now come to the masses.

It’s now becoming highly accessible, and it is no doubt that Google is leading the charge to bring it to the ordinary people. Youtube recently allowed 360° videos to get uploaded and viewed by both head-mounted viewers and those that without, working together along with their chrome browser.

Indeed impressive, but that doesn’t cease there because marketers can benefit from them too. Take a look at some ideas below.

Showcase Your Products Or Services

One of the first companies who nails this idea is Nescafe. The company is currently utilizing 360° videos in showing to their audience how their products are produced. With this campaign, Nescafe not only shows the audience the value of gathering organic produce but generates impressive branding while obtaining new leads.

Promote Destinations

If you’re into tourism and hospitality, you’ll certainly find some of the best applications using 360° videos. Qantas is a great example of successfully promoting some Australia’s ecstatic destinations through 360° videos.

You don’t need to be a wealthy company to exhaust this technology. In fact, 360° videos are becoming popular among travel bloggers who most of the time have tight budgets and resources.

Share Adventures

Most love watching breathtaking videos performed by few daredevils. Though often we don’t have the courage to do nearly impossible things like skydiving or bungee jumping, we’re still curious about the experience of those adventures.

One of the marketing giants who adopted this technology is Red Bull. Conforming to their strategy of promoting their brand through extreme adventures, they have taken this a little bit more exciting through 360° videos.

Final Thoughts

Although 360° videos are quite new, their usage, especially in the world of marketing is rapidly growing due to the number of user engagement it brings and its content versatility.

When done successfully, the entire experience goes beyond the primary wow factor of the tool itself, and can significantly aid in transporting viewers to the perfect avenue in telling every brand’s story.

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