SEO And Black Hat SEO And Why Is It Black?

By: Patrick P. | February 25, 2016

The World Wide Web has reached its prominence and is seem to already cover nearly all aspects of the humanity. However, given the fact of the significant technology-driven changes in our society, many entrepreneurs are still slowly adopting. However if you are an entrepreneur and you are already able to put up your business on the web, well congratulations! You have done the most strategic jobs that every businessman must do in today’s cyber age.


There could be a good number of channels which you can rely upon when embracing digital marketing. It ranges from email marketing, social media up into the most helpful ones like the SEO.  SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a method that helps website traffic gets dramatically improved. The higher the rank of a site in the SERPs or the Search Engine Results Pages, then the more visitors the website naturally obtains.


Considering the present situation of marketing and the people’s rising dependence on the internet, we can really say that SEO is the way to go. Sad but true, but in quest for business success, many entrepreneurs would do everything even resorting to illegal or what is unallowable.


 White Hat and Black Hat SEO


Basically, the major differences of black hat and white hat SEO are the techniques and principles used in optimizing though they have one common purpose – to have a good spot in SERPs. Basically, black hat SEO tends to improve rankings in a way that is against with the governing rules of the search engine. Most of the time, it involves deception. White hat SEO, on the other hand, refers to the method that complies with the search engine guidelines.


 5 Worst Used Black Hat SEO Techniques


  • Spamming – the main idea of spamming is that you are going to look for sites which basically have good page rank. Then you would post your site link to obtain an inbound link. Mainly, posting your link while the content is off-topic with your niche or maybe leaving link without any text could already be considered as spamming. When you create many accounts in social media or host lots of unnecessary blogs, either way, is also considered as spamming.


  • Using unoriginal content – Like in any types of written information, plagiarism can be considered as a major violation in Search Engine Optimization. Copying contents from other sites with techniques like scraping or others may use spinning software which changes few words from the original content while keeping its original meaning is strictly prohibited. Basically, these actions can be deemed punishable by the owner of the material as well as the search engine itself.


  • Cloaking – Cloaking is a part of search engine techniques that presents dissimilar content to the user. This happens when a certain user clicks a chosen link but is led to another unrelated endpoint. This technique can be extremely measured as deceptive because it tends to trick search engines in order to get some good rank on the SERPS. Further, it is a great violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines as it ushers people to irrelevant results.


  • Keyword Stuffing – Because of the updates happened in SEO for the past years, keyword stuffing can no longer be as effective as it used to be. Search Engines are now getting so advanced to get tricked by this technique. Basically, keyword stuffing involves the use of excessive keyword stretched all throughout a single page in order to obtain better visibility and organic traffic.


  • Invisible text – Mainly, invisible text is about implementing white text, a list of keywords on a clear white background. This way, excessive keywords could be completely invisible to a user however, search engines will still be able to detect them.


 Consequences of Going Black Hat


By engaging in business, utilizing black hat SEO must be avoided or at the very least be approached with great caution. True, black hat SEO could lead to some improvement in your site’s ranking however, this is a short term improvement. Moreover, once caught, the measures your company may face in correcting the problem could be both time consuming and expensive. Thus, if you want to achieve long-term strategic marketing, never resort into black hat SEO.

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