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Quantum Leap For Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is now globally overhauling the marketing industry of large firms and establishments. Most CEO’s, if not all, will be allocating a large budget for digital marketing and Google maps marketing come 2017. And that is good news for companies who have the cutting edge techniques for digital marketing.


Before we proceed with all the pros and cons of digital and maps marketing, let us dig deeper into what it is all about.


Digital marketing is an umbrella terminology for marketing or selling products and services using digital platforms. That usually takes place on the internet, and it also includes mobile phones, advertising displays, and any other medium that is digital.


Digital marketing has particular features that pave the way for product awareness. Here under is a laddered comparison on a digital pathway between consumer and brand.


Ladder # 1 Let them know you >> Display advertising.

Ladder # 2 Be interesting >> Provide content.

Ladder # 3 Gain trust >> Endorse digital initiatives.

Ladder # 4 Involve them >> Set up interactive touchpoints.

Ladder # 5 Show you’re different >> Apply your positioning up your web strategy.

Ladder # 6 Host and connect them >> Go social.

Ladder # 7 Show your values >> Digital Social Responsibility Initiatives.


The breakthrough in digital marketing took place in 2000 when businesses started using online strategies and technological tools for marketing their products. That became so prevalent that digital platforms are now incorporated in the Google map marketing plan and daily operations of businesses. With the rise of digital marketing, people now use mobile devices to purchase and seldom now go to shops to do physical shopping.


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Concurrently, growth in digital media is at its highest with Google maps optimization and 4.5 trillion ads online handled yearly with digital spending at 48% growth in 2015. Increased more by OBA employed businesses tailoring advertisement for internet viewers. The thing Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) is concerned with most is the privacy of consumers and protection of data.


According to surveys, with digital marketing, consumers can purchase goods internationally through online or e-commerce. Online products also have lower prices than those found in local shops. Further, consumers prefer the convenience and safety of online payments.


And so it isn’t a surprise when businesses are allocating a significant portion of their budgets to explore the process of digital marketing. Lately, companies included digital marketing plans to their budget preparation. It is advantageous on their part as they make more product sales online than with traditional selling. In addition to this, companies can compare prices with their competitors who are also using online marketing as their sites can easily be accessed online. Consumers can also browse through different options when comparing one product of a company to others.


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One strategy linked with the quantum leap of digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is a delivery of materials that viewers are seeking in places where they expect it to be. Some studies show digital marketing is successful when there is content marketing. That is because content marketing makes your brand more relevant to your target consumers. And if you’re curious about who is the best at Google marketing, you’d find out that they still consider content as the king in the field.


According to an expert in digital marketing and CRM, George Levy, there are only three steps to boost sales in digital marketing:


  1. Locate customers to market to.
  2. Trade more products with clients who already bought products from you.
  3. Put on sale a larger total ticket amount every time you have a sale.


That means these three strategies can help develop a marketing campaign. Here’s one of the digital marketing framework introduced as a result of the three-step variables; they call it “ROCKS, A Digital Marketing Framework.”


ROCKS’s a five letter Mnemonic characterizing the three variables in boosting sales in a campaign on digital marketing.


REACH New potential clients.

OBTAIN contact details and permission to sell to them.

CLOSE the first sales

KEEP increasing value and trading to the client.

SHARE and inform others.


Applying the ROCKS framework paves the way to potential clients who will keep on coming back after the initial sale. You can liken it to a spinning wheel that circles continuously, set in flow by the digital website and mobile apps.




Your marketing capabilities must REACH out to your clients from which you OBTAIN communication information and acknowledgment to set up a continuous contact. You can achieve that by giving them something for free. When you have the permission from your contacts, you offer them relevant information until such time you can CLOSE the initial transaction with your client.


At this point, your prospective client becomes the first customer, and from thereon you can KEEP communicating with your patrons and offer more sales as you go along with your healthy relationship. That is the part where CRM begins to shine. And here, you can start finding ways to bring in new customers to SHARE the products with and to make more referrals to families, friends, etc.




The whole concept of digital marketing is vital to the general communication between a business and its consumers. It is because digital marketing can reach a broad range of prospective clients in just one link. Another thing we must take note of with digital marketing is that the products and services are exposed to the consumers as they can access the advertisement anytime. And if customers have some queries about the brand, they can easily contact you or the person responsible for running the campaign.


One setback of digital marketing is its dependence on the internet. The internet may not always be accessible in most areas and consumers may have a slow connection. But with the continuous growth of digital marketing, it can be presumed that everything a business needs might be digital soon.


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