This is Now: Social Media Sharing An Astonishing Effect To Branding

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With the fast growing innovation of social media in the society, it also gave effect to the branding industry. How social media affects a brand even became astonishing to the owners themselves, for it becomes a tool for access to information desired by the population.


The reaching out qualities of social media applications are amazing. And even with its downside, the owners can’t put inferiority for the material. For it had become a daily necessity to the target consumers and had become accessible to every age.


 The Swan


Everyone in the business industry always reminds their employees that “A customer is always right.” In addition to that, a customer’s opinion is notable, but that took a turn with the advancement of technology and introduction of social media. Because of this, a consumer’s life changed drastically, for information regarding a brand or product is omnipresent.


Recently Nielsen and NM Incite, a published a book regarding Social Media. Their study showed that 38% of mothers prefer to buy a brand that other women ‘Liked’ on Facebook or 77% percent of conversation circulating in Social Media are about people looking for advice for a brand. Moreover, 64% of individuals online creates an account for a brand they wish to know, for it is more likely easy to check online than driving to get to the store.


 The Duckling


Even with the positive side of social media, the cons will always find a way to destroy the beautiful image. One of the many cases in regards to this is the KFC case. A lady posted online against the fast food chain for false advertisement, saying that the $20 bucket of chicken isn’t overflowing resulting to the filing of a lawsuit.


There are also famous bloggers who scrutinize brandings, and it can either be good or bad for the brand because people usually believes on what the bloggers have to say. It also states that 1 in 4 social media users share their bad experiences or 58% of them retells their story to warn the other consumers about what the branding’s service is.


 The Roasting


Social media roasting has become popular not too long ago, but now it became very useful in gaining more customers. It is not good to talk badly about another branding especially when you are a brand owner yourself, even so, ‘roasting’ also works a good strategy in marketing. Especially if, ‘burning’ entertained a good amount of the population.


One of the best examples of this is the Wendy’s, a famous fast food chain which originated in the United State, who was the one who popularized the “roasting.” They admittedly used it not only as a way of entertainment but also as a way to gain the customers.


The brand itself is already well known by the population, but she became even more famous after her feisty and sassy remarks on Twitter, where people would either compliment the other company’s food or talk trash about their product.



Her answers to questions such as that are giving the best roasting in social media. Apparently, it’s working, for a good number of people have decided to try out their menu, thus gaining more customer. Some customer would drop by just to prove if they are telling the truth.


What makes ‘roasting’ work? It is how responsive the page or account, like responding to every question. With those jaw-breaking answers that even though it ‘burns’ the common population will continue to think that it’s humorous.


In addition to ‘roasting’ at its finest, the consistency should also be in consideration, because it is not a one-time thing, just like Wendy’s who still continues to roast as many people as possible. This strategy work for people continues to follow what Wendy’s post are and are not disappointed at what they can see.




Social media’s impact can give a shake to the branding industry. Because of it, brand owners make sure that their product would serve the consumers well. It is amazing how this growing influence of the Social media also affect a user’s view may it be for either the benefit of the Branding or the customer’s right to be informed.


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