How Much To Charge For A Website And Other Major Things To Consider In Website Development

By: Patrick P. | August 2, 2016

With the use of modern tools, anyone today can already create a website. Anyone can go to and set up a site in minutes. There are also various services like that of Wix where you can purchase “off the peg” websites that you can easily weave to suit your needs. Furthermore, advanced content management systems have also sprung up over the last decade that gives a user the freedom to add content to the site without needing a professional coder. To mention a few, you can have WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others.


Given all these tools and systems in website creation and management a piece of cake, where does this leave all the freelance website developers and designers trying to make a living?


With this question at hand, know that the demand for a designer is still great. This is mainly due to the necessity of quality branding and visual impact in every business site. Real entrepreneurs can’t risk that making them still resort into website experts who have extensive knowledge about color scheming, font styles, codings and many other necessary components of website development.


Below is a list of the major consideration you must look into while building a website for a client.


 Know The Client’s Purpose


For any website to succeed, it must be founded with a particular purpose. It could be indeed essential to know the client’s target audience and the possible means to reach them. Most clients may have already decided before they come to you but you’ll be surprised how many don’t.


 Set Clear Pricing Scheme


A myriad of web professionals succeeds in the freelance work because of their impressive portfolio of successful projects. However, these skills don’t necessarily translate to good business sense. You must know how much to charge for a client without asking for too much or too low.


With various pricing models available, fixed price contracts are the easiest to comprehend. Following the preliminary discussions, you document the scope of the project with a total cost and schedule. The client then pays a deposit with the remainder payable on schedule and or completion. This model can work well for smaller projects where every angle of the job can be fully identified. However, for larger projects, if you’re not careful, can end in disaster for both you and your client.


You can also charge an hourly rate, for NJ Creatives Network, on the low-end designer hourly rates hover at basically around $40, while for the high end is at $75.


Finally, ensure that clients understand what you are giving in exchange for the amount they are willing to pay.


 Be Knowledgeable About SEO


SEO is a difficult aspect to explain to the client, and most website developer never takes on pure SEO work. SEO will be very much dependent upon preparation, research, and even testing. One major concern about SEO is that what works one day may eventually count against you the next. This made advising to use white hat techniques to clients a major necessity.


Now, taken that you’ve got on-page SEO correctly, you only need two necessary things: quality contents and quality relevant links pointing to those contents.


 Social Media Profiles


Major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are becoming present in almost everywhere that clients would often require or ask assistance in setting profiles with these channels. Remember to stay consistent with the branding; this could help a lot in your clients’ endeavors with social promotion.


 Extra Pages


Go to the site of the client and decide upon the site structure with some pages or sub-pages. Try to explain the benefits of owning a blog. Optional pages that most client may ask are a privacy policy page, FTC disclaimer, and the HTML sitemap.


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