LVD’s Patrick Panuncillon Shares Secrets to Digital Marketing Success in First Payoneer Forum in Davao

By: Patrick P. | February 15, 2017

Last February 4, 2017, the first Payoneer Forum in Davao City was held in Park Inn by Radisson. More than a hundred and fifty participants consisting of freelancers, startups, and online entrepreneurs gathered in the said event to learn more about how to be successful in the freelancing track. The turnout of the participants was more than what the organizers have expected, said Miguel Warren of Payoneer Philippines.


The successful event was organized by Payoneer, a global payments company. Speakers of the events are experts when it comes to freelancing, digital marketing, and businesses online. They are Karla Singson, a prolific freelancer, Mitch Miller Director of the Opposed Media, Miguel Warren Country Manager of Payoneer Philippines, Regina Evangelist CEO of Mr. Outsource and Dreamwork Coworking Space, and LinkVista Digital Inc.’s CEO & President Patrick Panuncillon.


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The participants of the forum surely learned a lot from the speakers, with Karla Singson talking about how to fail swiftly so you can succeed faster, sharing with the group her own experiences as a freelancer. Regina Evangelist gave a very practical talk and numerous advices on how to get clients online. Mitch Miller gave a talk about “Freelancer Equality 101” which is about how to build your reputation as a freelancer, not being afraid to charge higher, and other practical advices about being in the business.


Miguel Warren of Payoneer Philippines gave a talk about how Payoneer can connect businesses, professionals, countries, and currencies. He emphasized how the global payments company will be able to help the startups and the freelancers with their businesses by providing a payments platform at a very affordable cost. Starting on November 2016, Payoneer Philippines hopes to encourage and empower freelancers, startups, and online entrepreneurs with business tips and other practical knowledge that can certainly help them with their endeavors.


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Our very own Patrick Panuncillon, President & CEO of LinkVista Digital Inc. gave a talk about “Becoming a Digital Marketing Success,” sharing his story about how he started as a freelancer working in his bedroom to growing a company of his own with over 50+ employees to date and still expanding. Focusing on Efficiency, Quality, and Building Relationships, Patrick Panuncillon shared his techniques and secrets to be able to attain success in the Digital Marketing arena.


Becoming a Digital Marketing Success - Patrick Panuncillon
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He emphasized that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a sufficient amount of investment, especially in the necessary tools that will help the freelancer to be more efficient with work. He also stressed the importance of innovation and the ability every freelancer should have – being flexible. When things don’t go as planned, he or she should be able to bend and find a way to solve the problem. Lastly, he highlighted the importance of a clear digital marketing strategy and methodology.


These are just some of the things that were talked about in the First Payoneer Forum in Davao. The participants were able to ask question directly to the speakers and they were also given the opportunity to socialize and build networks after the forum. All in all, the event was proven to be a success to both speakers and participants alike.


If you want a copy of Patrick’s talk on ‘Becoming a Digital Marketing Success’, you can download a copy below. It shows helpful information on the right tools, correct metrics to follow and some tips on how you can start as a digital marketing success!


Becoming a Digital Marketing Success PDF (Download)


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