Instagram Introduces Channel For Snapchat-Like Live Events

By: Patrick P. | August 26, 2016

Instagram seems to be kicking Snapchat out in the limelight of live events with its latest update that allows users to share videos from various events like concerts or sports matches.


The popular video and photo sharing app introduce this new channel with the aim of giving users the further freedom to share videos from special events so that other users can watch from anywhere. The feature has a close resemblance with that of Snapchat’s Live Stories, and it can be remembered that this has been the second time that Instagram launched an update that matched services offered by Snapchat.


Just last month, Instagram had launched the release of a new feature called Stories as to which Snapchat offers with an exactly identical name. Stories are for users who constantly posts photos or videos, wherein with the utilization of the feature, posts will only be viewable within 24 hours.

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Live event’s borrows concept from Stories, it’s just that live events focus on exclusive stories, an example is that of the Olympics or Adele’s concert.


Snapchat announced that it was able to reach 50 million viewers just in the first week of its Olympics coverage. For a marketer’s perspective, this can be ultimately lucrative.


Instagram is now offering many of the features offered by most of its principal rivals, giving its avid users the reason to stick with its app instead of wandering to other social channels.


Instagram has 300 million daily users, while Snapchat has 150 million. Instagram never made any announcement about any branding opportunities for its events sections, but eventually, marketers have seen a strong potential on these new features.


The events channel can be viewed in the Explore section of Instagram. It also has other avenues that are dedicated to videos grouped by various topics like fitness and food.


Technically, Instagram has this natural advantage as it is owned and managed by Facebook benefitting from its ability to show contents through a particular algorithm tuned to its user’s specific tastes. Instagram commented on a blog post “This new channel is personalized for you and highlights events you might like.”


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