Infographic: How The Social Media Affects The Modern Politics In The Philippines

By: Patrick P. | April 29, 2016

The Philippines is on the verge of a political revolution, and this very change is vividly exemplified in the past month’s political explosions having social media as the major platform.

This country, as an archipelago has a staggering population of 101,985,415 (Data were taken from as of April 29, 2016), with 54.4 million registered voters and politicians are in constant change of parties, and a year-long period for campaigns.

Many would say that the Philippine elections are the epitome of personality politics, barren platforms, and least voter involvement, heaving with personal anecdotes and catchy campaign jingles. All this, even if we have demanded the contrary for quite a long time now.

We have been pleading for our politicians to declare and speak things to us with intelligence, give us the consistency that we deserve and be a catalyst for genuine and non-abstract change.

Prior to the dawn of social media, these people have adamantly dismissed our cries, now there’s no escape. Social media have made the voters more cognizant.

With its in-surged power, we may ask, “How the social media affects the country’s modern politics?”

This Infographic shows explicit information in the efficacy of social media in influencing people using the presidential candidates as the subjects.

How The Social Media Affects The Modern Politics In The Philippines

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