Why It Is Important for SEO to be In Any CXM Marketing Plan

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Almost every business person is familiar with the concept of search engine optimization management. But a few of them tend to overlook the significance of the customer’s journey and how it is vital in any digital marketing tactics.


 What is CXM?


CXM or Customer Experience Management is one of the trending topics in the business world nowadays. Famous companies such as Westpac and AMP even pour millions in understanding the journey of their customers and putting plans into action to improve them. However, did anyone know that CXM is not just for big names in the business world?


To implement a well-planned strategy for CXM or even improve the existing one, experts suggest companies should understand the process from the start of the interaction to the final motion. There are five stages in the customer journey and here are what it includes:


Awareness – it is when the customers are becoming aware that there is a need for a product or service.


Consideration – it is when the customers are exploring, identifying, and evaluating their choices for buying.


Purchase – it is when the customers already made up their minds to buy or make a purchase.


Retention – is when one-time customers turn into loyal ones.


Advocacy – it is when clients do not only buy a product religiously, they are also the primary source of word-of-the-mouth referrals.


Being able to evaluate customers’ experience in these touch points and being able to identify their experiences will give a clear picture of what to do to improve them. As a matter of fact, several companies like LinkVista Digital Inc. and some other companies have already adapted this strategy.


 Is it true that SEO is dead?


In spite of the arguments online and the claims of some people, SEO is not and is far from being dead. What’s true is the techniques in SEO task management have evolved. Also, it’s still a crucial component of any digital marketing tactic.


Although, the basics of search engine optimization has remained, such as on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. However, it is also important to make sure that the keywords, landing pages, and CTAs are all related to the customers and their role in the cycle of purchase.


 Why should CXM and SEO have a harmonious relationship?


A cutting-edge strategy in advanced SEO should always complement any CXM strategy as any of the mentioned touchpoints above needs SEO project management.




As what we mentioned above, it is only right to know and understand the need to merge both CXM and your SEO strategy to guarantee the success of any marketing plan. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that business persons know their customers’ experience as this will help in having loyal clients and retaining them.


In the real world, there is no precise formula to guarantee the success of any SEO strategy and Customer Experience Management relationship. But, having a team that ensures the harmonious relationship of both, as well as great contents would create a meaningful and helpful interaction with every customer.


If you want to utilize the budget allocated to the search engine optimization more efficiently and start reaping the rewards of it (a significant increase in traffic, conversions, etc.), you have to consider including SEO in your next customer experience management plan.


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