These Ideas Will Make You Catch Up, On Today’s Website Design Trends

By: Patrick P. | April 15, 2016

As a brand, you need to be constantly relevant. If you have not made any update on your website’s look for three years or so, now is the best time to do it. Otherwise, you are risking your business to fall behind competitors who also own websites, and are more tuned to the modern consumer’s needs.
Listed on this post are some helpful ideas on how to make your site more timely and efficient.

Go On For Semi-Flat Designs

Before the semi-flat design, there was the bare flat design. The major element of the latter is commonly composed of all fluff and frills. Often, it uses bold colors, modest shapes and simple texts. It was intensively used back then but unfortunately, it didn’t do well.
So, to eliminate the existing problems on flat design while maintaining its quality, designers came up with “almost-flat design”. On this version, some features are given depth and dimension to balance out the size of the other elements.

You can Go Quirky

A number of design elements can add up personality to your site such as some hand-drawn illustrations. They can give some quirky, yet welcoming image to your brand. Whether you’re into creativity in making appeals or maybe a brand who hates what is boring and ordinary, then incorporating some quirky illustrations on your website is helpful.
While creating one isn’t easy, but who says you have to create the illustration your own? You can actually ask some freelance artists to the job for you for a much lesser fee.


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Maximize Typography

Typography is more than just an art of designing letters. With proper implementation, it may give further benefits to your text contents. It also helps in enhancing a website’s design elements allowing your site to further stand out.

The web is a home for a number of free fonts download, this could somehow work to your advantage. However, if you want to maximize uniqueness for your brand, a professional designer who also offers web design and management services could work well in customizing typography.


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Move With Cinemagraphs

If you are a bit reluctant whether to utilize a photo or a video for your site, consider having moving images instead. A cinemagraph, or a moving image allows you to express more words when compared to a static photo but needs a much lesser bandwidth than a video.

It could liven up your site, break excessively long posts and keep visitors entertained longer than usual. Through Photoshop and other software, you can create one your own. Or perhaps, if you do not want to do the job your own, you can hire an artist to help you all the way, from the creation of the clip down to the setting up of the cinemagraph to your site.

Settle for a Minimalist and User-Oriented Design

Less could be more when it comes to web design. Most user would hate to see excessive flash and overloaded graphics in a particular web page. Trying to settle to be minimalist does not necessarily mean that you have to be boring. It is just that you have to strip it down to the essentials and have your design work from there.


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Certainly, we just can’t disregard particular trends that worked before because, by better chances, they’ll still work especially when it concerns the experience of the users.


Technically, a responsive site is the one that adjusts according to the device that it is viewed on. Basically, with the advancement of mobiles, this is already considered as a mandatory element for anyone who owns a website.

Endless Scrolling

With the increased use of mobiles, using endless scrolling on web design is indeed relevant. With this type of scrolling, a visitor simply has to scroll down and down, until they find what they’re looking for.

Or Have Parallax Scrolling

In parallax scrolling, background elements tend to move slower than those in the foreground, giving some movement illusion. Many web designers use this as it helps in adding life to a certain site.


Still, the best web design trend that you must follow would depend upon the general idea of what your brand is. You must consider various elements that may work in effectively conveying users about your brand. Also, you must have a specific target of the amount you are willing to spend for a more effective management of your website.

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