Here’s The Best Way To Produce Impressive Branded Video

By: Patrick P. | August 12, 2016

With Zuckerberg’s recent video chat and further words from its executives, Facebook seems to expect that the output of video will dramatically increase. Many marketers are already expanding their video knowledge for their brands to keep up.


However, producing video alone is just half of the battle. How can you make sure that your video is good enough? Here are great tips you can use in producing and shooting quality in-house video content.


Offer Audience A Reason To Watch Your Video

Video in mobile

Determine on what you intend to do for your viewers. Do you want to educate them? Make them laugh or make them think?


People tend to watch videos for a couple of reasons. However, the most engagements and views are earned by the videos that have a clear value proposition for the viewers. This greatly applies to brand videos as well. Thus, it is paramount to make sure your video is not self-serving. It must be something that will pique the interest of your audience, something that they can benefit on.


Never Overlook The Audio


Know that audience would prefer a poor image quality that a poor sound. Your audience must hear you. If you tend to have extra money, try to invest in a good audio recording device that has XLR inputs and a solid shotgun or even a lavalier microphone (or perhaps, have both).


Take A Shoot In HD

HD shooting

Often, the specifications of the most top of the line video cameras will exceed the requirements for video productions of the brands who plunged in into producing video contents. What usually is required is standard 1080p high definition footage.


Moreover, in the era where phones are already capable of taking 4k video is the new normal, trying to be consistent in delivering HD video is seem to be no longer a huge task.


Get Familiar With Your Camera


Whether it’s a smartphone or with a high-end DSLR camera, you must know your camera well especially its limits. Make yourself familiar with your camera’s ISO, shutter speed and aperture and the levels as to which you can manipulate these three using your device.


Have Enough Lighting

Video Shooting

To save your videos from looking messy and murky, make sure to do proper lighting. Live by the three-point lighting. Three-point lighting is a standard lighting technique that most seasoned filmmakers and photographers are using to ensure that subjects in the shoot are well lit in its every detail.


This will need you to focus on three lighting points: the backlight, the lighting of the background of a shot; the key light, which is the illumination of the foreground on where the subject is located; lastly, the fill light, a soft light used to fill in shadows.


Use Powerful Computer In Editing


Video editing is inarguably the most tasking job to do. Indeed it is extremely imperative that your computer must have the appropriate specifications for the job. You may need the following:

  • An updated operating system
  • At least 16 gig of RAM preferably 1600mHz
  • A solid graphics card
  • And a high-end monitor


Further Recommendations


Most cameras have this habit of giving inappropriate colors. Technically, it will be a good practice to initiate some color corrections before completing your video project.


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