Google, You Suck! How Guest Blogging Affects SEO Today

By: Patrick P. | January 13, 2017

Guest Blogging had been a powerful medium for both SEO and professionals of all fields and walks of life; to increase their reach and to have more traffic to their individual sites. For SEO it has become a way to get traffic, and more importantly backlinks.


Guest blogging had been one of the most common ways to start link building from scratch. However, it is greatly criticized by well-known Google engineers, notably Matt Cutts, a former software engineer at Google and head of anti- web spam team.


He had many times reiterated that Guest blogging is only useful when you are doing it for the sake of sharing information and not for the primary purpose of SEO link building. He criticized poor quality guest blogging and spamming that had been a trend among SEO professionals across the globe.


In fact, he had shown a copy of an email sent to him by a blogger outreach who offered to submit a guest post and give free content in exchange for one or two dofollow links which he had greatly criticized for its intent to have links other than to share knowledge.


Content marketing had also been a prey to this widespread dilemma of having writers copy content from authority sites just to be able to provide “quality” write ups that they don’t have any idea about.


Content Quality Over Backlinks Quantity


Content Writing

There is a thin line between identifying what’s quality or not and Google’s algorithm also don’t know how to determine what exactly consists a quality article because it can’t recognize the difference between a natural link and a guest post link.


Thus, it is also hard for them to know who to penalize and who to let go. More importantly, is there a formula that would help blog owners on how to find guest bloggers that are 100 percent authentic and real?


If you are a blog owner, struggling to maintain a healthy number of articles coming in every month or regularly, you would be tempted by the idea of guest blogging and in some cases, you would instantly agree to the idea that you didn’t check if they are legitimate or not.


And when you don’t meet the best of circumstances, you’ll end up getting penalized by Google for hosting crazy spammy links which turn out eventually to be from those whom you allowed giving backlinks or dofollow links to.


Google can be very unforgiving and penalize you with a hard blow that your chances of getting to SERPs are even impossible.


Penguin 4.0 is the algorithm designed to catch sites that are proven to have been spamming in its search results, and unless the owner of these bad links take action on them, say remove the spam or disavow it, there will be no chances that you can redeem yourself and your site’s ranking.


There is a worldwide call to give valuable content that would justify the purpose of getting a dofollow link. But because of the trauma this had caused in the online marketing community, the chances of getting in- content links, which have higher values for ranking, had been very narrow even if there’s a hefty amount of information being shared.


Guest bloggers are most likely going to get only a footer link, which apparently has lower effect for ranking.


Linking Equals Spamming

Link Building

Somehow, due to Matt Cutt’s post on his blog, Guest Blogging had been tied to the word “spammy” ever since and naturally, it discouraged a lot of SEO professionals and leaders worldwide to ever do guest blogging again thinking that their site would be penalized by Google.


This widespread fear had come about when Google started to penalize authority sites and well-known free posting sites out of the blue. This problem had raised concerns on where to guest post and who to link with.


These events discouraged blog owners to accept a guest post from small scale SEO leaders thinking that all they would do is spam them just to get to the first page of Google’s SERPs.


This kind of notion leads us into thinking that Google, discourages growth among bloggers and SEO practitioners because of its highly strict ranking standards. Imagine having to deal with the same information from the same sites over again no matter which keyword is being used. Is it going to make the user experience a lot better?


The purpose of guest blogging will always tail with dofollow links because this is the only reward a guest blogger would get out of providing high-quality articles. Also, if Google continues to penalize sites because of this, there will be a significant shift of market share among web users and marketers.


Although Bing, Yahoo, and AOL altogether only gets just a tenth of the entire market share for search engines, there is still a relatively significant number of users that can be considerable for extended site reach. And even if they are not as utilized as Google, SEO practitioners are highly going to use them if the race becomes more stringent in Google.


Clear As Mud

Business Analytics

Each algorithm update promises recovery and redemption for sites being penalized. However, it is still important to keep in mind that things will never be the same again once you’ve been hit.


Google’s primary aim as understood is to keep the SEO race fair to everyone, and it should not scare them to strategize on making themselves better and more visible online. But if its algorithm does not advance to the level of efficient, quality and honest guest blogging, then it would turn out to be a negative attraction rather than a positive one.


Content is still king, as Bill Gates himself had said, and that’s what Guest Blogging is for. The only incentive of sharing valuable information and posts with the other members of the community is always dofollow link.


Although nofollow links are somehow acceptable, we cannot deny the fact that SEO leaders are not really into the referral traffic but more on the ranking juices that can only come from a dofollow link. Having a nofollow link on a valuable and important article is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


Regardless, ranking is always the main aim of people. It is a dog-eat-dog world of SEO and people will always try to find a way to get themselves on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

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