Google Panda Update: Major Things You Must Know About Panda 4.2

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What is a Panda Update?


Way back February of 2011, Google introduced their Panda Update. Panda update is a search filter intended to terminate sites that offer low-quality contents from getting a good spot in Google’s search results. For the years, Google has been updating Panda paving way to the most recent update which is the Panda 4.2.


Search Engine Land reported the confirmation of Google that there was indeed a Panda update that is happening which was started in late July of this year. As usual, Google has been so secretive about the update and how it may affect the sites but Gary Illyes, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google revealed that the update rollout would happen real slowly. Mainly, as again, the update would focus on the quality of contents of the sites.


How the Rollout is going to Happen?


If there is something certain that the industry know is that at present, Google is doing the slowest rollout ever considering that it would take several months compared to its past updates which would only take a few days.


Google termed its main reason as due to “technical reasons”. Further, they had also told Search Engine Land that they are changing their infrastructures and the gradual rolling out of Panda which may help develop their core ranking algorithms.


Who will be Affected by the Update?


Basically, if you own a website, you may notice that some of your pages might drop and probably others will not. You heard it very right, those pages that are hit by the Panda may obtain different impacts during the rollout. This is mainly due to the reason that the page-by-page rollout occurs very slowly.


You are maybe confused with the idea considering that you thought that Panda is Site-Wide. Yes, right Panda is site-wide but it might not affect the entire pages within your site in a uniform way. Mainly, other pages would suffer but others may not.


The Best Way to Blend is.


Now the best way perhaps to respond with the update is to recognize that quality content remains the king. Now you tend to notice that your site plunge, it could be valid to conclude that Panda 4.2 had punished your site. Well, if that happens, there could only be one main solution — this is by focusing on coming up with creating good content and wait until the next Panda Update would take place.


Rand Fishkin, a celebrated SEO expert would suggest that content creators must and should focus on trying to look upon the quality of the content rather than its quantity when talking about improving site’s ranking in search engine results.


Mainly, the notion of creating quality content is no longer a stranger strategy if you want a good rank in SERPs. Further, even if there are no concrete and full details of what exactly the Panda 4.2 are rewarding or punishing, after all, fabricating best contents is something that every web owner must try to pursue. This must be one of your goals even though we can’t have the full picture of the ways of the ever mysterious Google.

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