Google Maps Marketing Narrowed To 3 Easy Steps

By: Patrick P. | August 9, 2016

With the rise of mobile in the marketing arena, localization plays an essentially crucial role. Today, you may no longer have to compete with everyone who has a website just to rank higher in the search results. And there’s already a pretty lot of things you can do to attract and accommodate mobile users.

Mainly, the Google Map tool makes it less difficult for your store to get found. But it doesn’t end there; the maps offer an even better platform for small and medium business to rank gloriously in the search results. Know that 79% of smartphone users use their phone in shopping, and they use it in comparing prices, identifying product info as well as finding a local store and most often 60% of those searches lead to local shop visits. Indeed, adapting your online marketing strategy on a local level helps you reach and attract new customers.

Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing In 3 Easy Steps

Indeed, proximity and convenience are extremely crucial for this platform. However, there are a whole lot of other factors that you have control of which may help you stand out on Google Maps such as business profile optimization and initiating user reviews.


Get Your ‘Google My Business’ Account

Google My Business is a single dashboard that allows you to connect your entire business info displayed in search results. Thus, when setting up your business profile; the more data you give, the better.

  • Address – Provide full details for your business address including your zip code, building, floor, room number, etc. Just make sure that the same address is registered elsewhere online.


  • Business Category – Trying to list a broad business category may result in a missed optimization opportunity. Pursue for a narrowed relevant categories as much as you can.


  • Verification – The verification period of your Google My Business listing may take a while. Sometimes, you can have it completed through phone, but still, you’ll have to wait for a unique PIN posted to the physical address that is listed in your business profile.


Have Your Listings Optimized

The moment your business info is verified, it’s time to go further. Have your contact information, open hours and other business description improved and updated.

  • Open Hours – Take advantage of this platform to let your customers know your business hours.


  • Business Description – Never underestimate the value of description as this serves as the business account introduction that describes your products and services.


  • High-Quality Images And Videos – Google Maps is a visual platform. Having high-quality images and videos help make your listing stand out.


Obtain Customer Reviews

Most people tend to rely on social proof before finalizing their buying decision. Indeed, it will be extremely crucial for any business to generate positive reviews. Encourage your customers to write short positive reviews by offering an incentive or a discount. However, if you are given a negative review, make sure to do further assessments.


Final thoughts

Just like any other digital marketing platforms, successful Google Map marketing can’t be done overnight. It may take a while before you can have a feel of the result. Still, this tool is worthwhile using and even more so a great advantage when it comes to localization.

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