Getting Ahead of the Competition Through Content Marketing

By: Patrick P. | October 11, 2016

No one wants to get left behind. Everyone wants to get ahead. This is especially true when it comes to businesses. If you allow yourself to get left behind, you risk losing your business. For now, your business may be thriving, but how about in the future? That is something to think about.

Since businesses started, the strategy to beat your competition hasn’t changed much. All you have to do is to create the best possible service or product there is, make sure your customers are happy with what you have to offer and do all these profitably. But one thing, though, you will be quite naive if you think that just being good enough will take you to the top.

Beat Them at Their Own Game

Other than being excellent at what you do, you also have to know what your competitors are up to. Otherwise, you will easily get blindsided. In fact, what is ideal is if you can beat them at their own game. This is where content marketing comes in.

In content marketing, what works and what doesn’t gets to be public. You can take advantage of this by studying the failures and success of your competitors. You can easily have leverage. Here are some of the things that you can learn from your competitor’s content marketing program:

• The articles they publish on their site, blog, or guest posts
• The quality of the articles and contents they share on the social media
• The keywords which they rank
• Their strategy for their PPC ads
• How they engage their audience on social media platforms
• The performance of their site
• Where they got their links and where those links are

There are other things you can learn from. These are just some of them. The point here is that you can get a hold of a full content marketing diagnostic on any of your competitors and use what you know to avoid the mistakes they have made. You can also apply in your own businesses their best practices. You can spend more time and resources in doing the things that worked for their strategy.

Follow Them On Social Media

If along the way, you get to discover that they are dominating a certain topic or niche, maybe you can learn on how to sidestep their strengths, this way, you won’t be competing with them head on.

The next step is to learn about what they are publishing. To do this, you can subscribe to their blog or sign up for their newsletter. You can do this under your personal email account so as to raise any suspicion. After that, you can make a folder in your email inbox for the competitors you are tracking. The next thing to do is to follow them on the social media platforms, that way you can see how they are engaging their audience and what kind of contents they are sharing.


The best way to beat your competition is to learn about their strategy and get their best practices and apply them to your own. With their content marketing strategies, it is easy to find out what they are publishing and sharing by following them on social media. From there, you will be able to study their strategy and how you can improve that for your own tactics and get ahead of the game.


About Patrick P.

An entrepreneur has persevered, and eventually obtained commendable entrepreneurial track records. Experienced & results driven, he is the Founder & CEO of LinkVista Digital Inc. Patrick has years of experience in the world of SEO & Digital Marketing and has launched numerous campaigns working together with various companies both local & overseas. He loves nurturing young minds and mold them in becoming effective leaders in their chosen fields.

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