Get Ready for These 7 Content Marketing Trends

By: Patrick P. | October 25, 2016

Since its popularity, content marketing has had its ups and downs as a marketing strategy online. Before, all you had to do was create good content. These days that is no longer enough. You have to make the right connections and be able to reach your audience in all mediums. These and numerous other factors are what will determine your ROI and your success as a content marketer.


The content marketers of today have to be able to analyze subjective situations as well as be ready to be flexible with the new technologies. It may not be as simple as it looks, though. Content marketing is now going through some very serious changes, and if you can’t adapt, you’ll surely fall behind. To get a headstart, you have to be able to make the right preparations.


alert Aggregated content will place content marketing in the users’ hands


The best way to know the opinion of the public is through large-scale surveys. With this kind of survey, information from a multitude of people will provide the big picture. This technique is being done to content now. With the use of complex software, bits of information from millions and millions of profiles from social networking platforms are pieced together, forming a coherent story.


An example of this is Twitter’s Project Lighting. This feature collects posts, images, and videos from the users, creating stories and special events right as they unfold. In the realm of news coverage, this feature threatens the reach of content marketing. However, it also holds promise for new alternatives for publication.


alert  Algorithms are becoming a threat to freelancers


There are some estimates that you have probably read an article already that a robotic algorithm wrote. And you couldn’t tell it from those that were written by people. Nowadays, there are journalistic algorithms that can make articles about sports and the weather. It may be simple topics now, but soon, they will be able to write about more sophisticated topics.


For the day to day contents, we go to part-time writers and freelancers. But soon, they might be replaced with robotic algorithms. For the next years, we will still be needing the human hand for the complex topics to be written. But soon, that will change with the rise of automated algorithms.


alert The Knowledge Graph of Google and instant answers will make it necessary to make a shift to long-form content


Since 2012, Google’s Knowledge Graph has been around. Recently, this improved into something more impressive. It now emerges for most of the long-tail search queries. It gives users instant information and answers to most of the common questions. This already sounds familiar with Cortana and Siri. Soon, you won’t even be needing to click sites in the search results. This reduces traffic to the traditional pages on the web. What this means now is that traffic to pages that gives quick answers will soon be gone, forcing content marketers to more difficult and complicated topics.


alert There will be new options for publishing through social media


This kind of trend was introduced by Facebook through “Instant Articles.” Facebook was able to notice that the articles that were share on their platform got more visibility that those that were on native publishing sites. To resolve this, Facebook presented Instant Articles to allow publishers to have another option and they can publish their articles on Facebook immediately. Now, Google has its own version of this. Soon, this trend will spread to other social and digital mediums.


alert There will be a higher demand for visual mediums


There are numerous reasons why visual contents will become more and more important. As the internet speeds and the wireless connections increase, so will the people’s capability to get to videos and images while they are on the go. The contents in the written form are now becoming more saturated. This makes users want content that is more visual. They want something that can provide them with information fast and instantly. So the demand for videos and other contents in visual form will surely increase in the next years.


alert There will be an emergence of interactive content


Users are now used to individualized results with the tailored search results and custom newsfeeds. This will be applied to contents soon because there is now a demand from users for contents to shift and respond to user prompts. We already have the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality headsets that are starting to introduce interactivity and customizability as a medium for practical means for content.


alert Competition will become more intense

The competition will continue to increase in the coming years, with the content market already close to being saturated. With new formats, algorithms, and the latest technologies, it is now easier and more affordable for businesses to jump in the content marketing arena. This will flood the market, making only the most the best and the most meaningful contents visible. This will challenge content marketers everywhere to produce quality content, with only the best surviving.



These trends are just the beginning of the new era when it comes to content marketing. There are some, such as the Knowledge Graph and instant answers that will threaten the foundations of content marketing. However, there are others such as algorithmically generated content that we can take advantage of. You have to be able to adapt to these fast-paced changes, make the necessary adjustments, and enjoy the ride to the new phase of content marketing.

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