Facebook Live Video Map Now Shows Global Live Streams Through Desktop

By: Patrick P. | July 29, 2016

In February this year, Facebook began rolling out live video streaming for its users worldwide. This means that there is already an added freedom for every individual to stream video of themselves or any event somewhere on the planet at any given period. In fact, at its F8 developer conference, Facebook has unveiled a myriad of new features for Facebook live. This includes a comment, replays, filters, and even reactions. But one that is of sure relevance is the interactive map that tends to show stream where users can tune into real-time.

Facebook’s interactive map offers an easier way to find live streams from around the world.

There’s a good sense of waiting around for people to start streaming things in your news feed and give you the chance to discover further what’s going on in places you’re interested. The feature has been available for months now, but the good thing is that it’s now easier to find on Facebook’s desktop site.

To use this feature on your desktop, look for the ‘live video’ link under the Apps in the left navigation bar on your Facebook timeline.

You’ll be able to see public streams available for viewing from anywhere in the world as well as who’s watching the broadcast that you have selected.

In April, Facebook announced that they had activated Facebook Live in 60 countries. Thus there will be likely a plenty of content to fit through. These streams may turn out to be as random as you can imagine.

Though the rollout of the feature turns out slowly: it’s been available in various European countries but hasn’t yet in India.

Facebook has become more upbeat about live.

After rolling the video streaming in February, the company has made various alterations to make the app achieve further prominence. The map is now available for the desktop view which can also be accessed through www.facebook.com/livemap/. This app is relatively basic, having blue dots to show places that have live broadcasts. The bigger the dot appears, the more viewers the broadcast has. The user can zoom in or out, with thumbnail sized videos starting the moment you move your mouse over a blue dot; clicking on one will make the video much larger. On the sidebar on the left shows a selection of live videos though the criteria of each are vague.


We can’t be certain whether the map shows the entire live broadcasts happening from around the world. It seems unlikely that if you look at the map, there are far too few, though perhaps the time zone will also matter. The video map currently looks to be available only in the desktop view. Having to click www.facebook.com/livemap/ on your mobile will get you a “page not found” pop up.

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