E-Marketing Your E-Commerce Store On A ShoeString Budget

By: Patrick P. | December 29, 2016

You want to start an E-Commerce Store, but your budget is too small. How’s that? It’s disappointing, right?


You might feel frustrated with the fact that you want to go into an E-Commerce business and have a limited budget. That is because having a small budget requires you to exact more effort in providing a creative content. And making the most out of your advertising or even Google maps marketing campaign can be possible even with a shoestring budget.


E-commerce marketing is a tough subject because of the limited tips you can get that you can consider valuable. Luckily, we’ve conceptualized an E-Commerce marketing method which will provide you a list to stick on the wall and check off as you complete the process.


Enumerated below are the methods that can give you great results and guidance to establish an E-Commerce business even if you’re cash-strapped.  


Create A Strategy for Content Marketing Before You Start


The best part of starting an E-Commerce business is building a strategy or plan. You can do this by utilizing a strategy for content marketing similar to how you strategize your local maps marketing. Write down all the guidelines on how to reach out to customers whether through newsletters, blog posts, or videos.

Be sure to check this strategy on a regular basis be it weekly, monthly or quarterly. Do an evaluation of how your creation of the content process is going. After you have established your first shop online, check the traffic of your site, and build an audience.


Generate An  Automated Campaign on email Marketing.


Aside from maps marketing, the bedrock of effective marketing strategies is Email marketing because it’s still the best avenue of convincing and influencing the customers to buy products or services, not to mention, customers are known to always open emails and see updates. Launch your marketing campaign on email and send them useful information about your brands. An application called WebAppMeister; a comparison website can also be used for specific needs as it contains the best software for email marketing.


Diversify Your Platforms With Social Media

social media
There are platforms of social media that work best, and some are not functioning well in certain markets. To prevent this, utilize the different platforms or what we call “diversify” the platforms, one that is suited to your marketing needs and dump those that don’t serve the purpose. Create social media channels like Google Plus pages, Pinterest or Facebook. Although one works differently than the others, spreading out your brand presence gives plenty of customers a chance to communicate with your company. Through even just one of these media platforms, consumers can contact you in a much easier way.


Personalize Your Strategy and Put It Into Action


One of the best new forms of marketing today, aside from doing a Google map marketing, is personalization. Companies do not like to interact with faceless companies so brand your product with a person using one or two people or a group as the “face” of the business.


Create an Original Content


Your E-Commerce should be built with original content. Do not pull out from any web contents for your SEO strategies. Original content has a better impact compared to copies only. It will be a disaster if one of your customers discovers that designs in your web came from another one. Videos, Blog posts, eBooks, audio segments done in original form are unique, and it boosts your E-Commerce business site because a customer who appreciates the originality of your content will keep on coming back to your site.


Contextual Marketing HH (hit-it-hard)


Do you know who is the best at Google maps marketing or what they do to succeed in their campaigns? Just like them, you have to format your marketing with demographics connection, arranging the messages in the right places and promptly.


User Generated Content Options


The simplest way to build interaction with your customers is through users generated content, while not having to cash out more money and time into the campaign.


Implementation Of A Loyalty Program


Implementing a loyalty program encourages people back to your establishment, and it gives the feeling that the company appreciated them for shelling out some money for your business. It is just a matter of convincing customers to spend a little more and in return receives rewards for doing so.


Social Networks Automation


Automation of all your social content gives more free time to do planning strategies for other business tasks. Knocking out all your posts for an individual social media channel for one day prevents you from doing shift gears every day or every week for the rest of the month.


Do-Away With Language Barrier

When you are into e-Commerce store, you are not just dealing with few personalities but for the world population which has different languages. English has been the international language, but not all countries have the capacity to speak and communicate it well.


Reach out to customers speaking foreign languages by adding up translation features in your E-Store. There are available e-commerce platforms for this purpose for you to utilize: WooCommerce templates and WordPress e-commerce themes. They provide setting for translation for all foreign language speakers who cannot understand your tongue.


A/B Test Your Checkout Process


An Ecommerce marketing plan should pass through A/B testing. That is essential through the entire process of checkout. It will help you in analyzing how consumers choose the cart to pay or abandon a purchase.


Mobile World Optimization


Concurrently, customers do not want to access a different mobile site to see an interface that is mobile-friendly. Visualize and implement an interface that is responsive for your e-commerce website to transform into devices like smartphones, iPods, and tablets.


Think About Mobile-friendly Advertising


Geolocation combines with mobile advertising and mobile-friendly ads connects your store to your customers while they are sitting or standing in a doctor’s waiting room, on a train or any public areas.


Connect With Wearable Technology


Big companies nowadays are releasing wearable technology like glasses, watches, etc. These interfaces are more sophisticated than typical products, and your business must start adopting this kind of technology in your Ecommerce store.


Hire Someone To Write Long Form Content

job interview
A lengthy content may stand out from all regular blog posts online. The long form takes a long time to write so you might need someone to help you with this. Although it is sometimes annoying to read a long article, if it is engaging, useful, and interesting enough for most users the content will do because readers will be able to learn new things or anything about your E-business.


Utilize Testing Atmosphere For SocialAds


In SocialAds, you usually have to spend a quarter to test them out because you can send as many feeds as you want on your e-business page. If one of the posts stumbles into an assemblage of feedbacks, this will be your gauge of calculating what interest the customers in your E-business. The moment you will be able to identify posts that convert to profit, you can use the same post ads and spend a little money in the long run.


Brand Your Personal Flavor


Putting a face in your company is not enough as customers would also like to hear something about who’s running the show. You can hire a few content writers or content designers but make sure you set guidelines for these writers so that the voice that communicates to the customers reveals information that reflects your brand’s personality.


Reveal Author’s Identities


One way to capture customers’ “one voice” craze is showing the authors and the contributors of your blog in your optical channels. One name branding is fine, but customers get more excited once they read their blog and come to like it and be able to know the man/woman behind.


A Fictitious Face For Your company


You can create a fictitious character to represent the face of your business. Use anything under the sun or choose a look that will catch the attention of customers and help them remember your brand always.


Authority On Online Discussion Areas

Include in your E-business a forum for people to use and create engagement. Message boards, chat rooms, and forums establish a unique user form that will generate content and drive your traffic, making your site a reliable platform for discussions.


Experiences Must Be Personalized


E-business generates a lot of emails from customers. Use this to your advantage by just replying to all their queries whatsoever. A reply to all their emails will pave the way to building a profitable business relationship with clients.


Your Delivery Must Be Better Than Competitors


Build a reputation for being the fastest when it comes to delivery of products. It will make the customers feel that they are special and you are mostly concerned with having their products delivered promptly.


Automated Marketing Techniques As An Alternative


What about using automated replies when customers sign up for your email campaigns or purchase a product in your e-store? Give customers a reason to come back by using automated email messages to respond to them and help free up some of your own time too.

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