Digital Marketing World: The Relevance of Google Maps Marketing

By: Patrick P. | December 27, 2016


Do you have a clothing line business? Congratulations! Let’s say you have physical stores all over America but not that numerous. Now the question is,  how will your first-time clients locate your physical store or boutique in a particular area? That’s where the concept of marketing using Google Maps comes in.


Have you ever tried searching for a specific place in Google and it gave you a map result? Do you find it helpful? That’s basically what map marketing is all about. But before we go ahead and dig deeper on its relevance to your search results, what is map marketing?


Google maps marketing is the use of Google’s certain app (which is Maps) to use as a marketing strategy for people to locate your business easily. It is proven useful (which is not surprising) to large companies, but it’s even more necessary for smaller businesses. But put in mind that maps marketing is not just all about visibility. It’s also about positioning, and you will understand how important it is in the digital marketing world.

Now, what about it? Your goal in doing this is to place your business as high placement in the business listings as you can on related search engine results. But what are the types of results that you may encounter?

Location or Proximity Based


This result is mainly according to your location. You may encounter this type of search results more especially when you are using your mobile phone, or a tablet in searching and location is enabled. If you tried searching for any business establishments, I bet you already got this type of result.


For example, try searching about bookstores, and you’ll see a type of result that would indicate the name of the bookstore, its address and its store hours and how far it is from your location. You probably see a certain name of a bookstore that topped the search results. It topped the search results maybe because that particular bookstore is the most searched bookstore in your area or just a product of constant SEO managing. Either way, we’re not really interested why it topped the search results. We only care about the result itself, right?


This result only represents that anything that you search in Google is classified in different positions. Position A as the closest to you or the most prominent. There are also positions B and C as an alternative just in case you want more options.


You may have also encountered a search result that would prompt suggestions that are near to you. Again, this is common to those who use their mobile phones in searching any business stores in their browser.


There are also times that position A is not the nearest from you. That’s because it still varies in the number of variables. It’s like an indirect command that Google wants us to use Maps for that.

‘Ranked’ Google Maps Results


Yes, proximity based results are common, but that particular search engine has still a lot of search result types to offer. Not everyone permits Google to track their location. After all, listings are available anywhere in the world (virtually) and not only to where the searcher is currently at. Considering that scenario, this is when “ranked” local maps results come in. These results appear when the searcher gives a specific location where they want to search for any business establishment.


Let’s say, for example; you searched for coffee shops in Miami, Florida. Well, I think Florida is the place for coffee shops as you can see in the search results. Now, here’s where marketing in local maps marketing comes in. We tried searching for businesses in any other places in the country. You’ll see results that the second search result has a higher client rating than the first one. Why is that? Do you have any idea why it happened? Well, that’s what we call “ranked” results. The answer is all about how optimized the business listing (Google My Business) is and of course, along with some other factors. Now, who is the best at google maps marketing? Of course, the one who topped the search results.


Google My Business


What is Google My Business? It is the app previously known as Google Places. How is it important to business persons who wants to market their services online? Google My Business gives business owners the opportunity to have a listing for their business to appear in Google’s search engine results. Typically any type or sort of business which will display their business name, the address where it is located, business hours and even customer ratings.


Now, what are the things that you need to measure that your business listing is well optimized? Here’s a checklist of the things that needs to be done for your business to be listed appropriately.


Address information submitted must be USPS-Approved


When you’re already entering the address of your business in your My Business profile, you have to ensure that you are using a valid USPS address or any postal service applicable where your business operates. This should include a particular address such as room number, subdivision information, a nine-digit zip code and any other information that would make your business visible and easier to find. Also, make sure to check space errors. It may be funny to think, but even a single error in the USPS validation (may it be intentional or unintentional) may affect the ranking of the said app.


In addition to that, you also need to check if your business address is actually listed. Go to the app’s settings, tick the box that asks if you would like the address to be displayed. This is a necessity because the more information you give, the more likely you would be ranked highly in Google maps’ result.

Be specific on places where your services are located

Digital Marketing Locations

It is common nowadays that a certain business has a physical store or location. But if what you have is a package carrying business, then you might need to specify what areas are you servicing. You may include a name of nearby towns and cities or miles and kilometers from your physical location. You may and actually necessarily need to clarify if you also serve your company’s primary location.


Get it verified


Verifying your listing should be the next on your list. Verifying it may take up to a couple of weeks as Google mails a postcard to the registered address with a unique PIN on it to confirm it. But often, they may also verify through the phone.


Check all categories relevant to your business


A fair optimization opportunity missed by business persons is only stating their main and primary category when they create their business listing (which is a major no-no). Yes, it is required to state the main category for you to create a business, but you can, and you should also include any additional categories relevant to your business.


Your introduction should be optimized


This part should contain what you want your customers to know about your business such as what your business is about, where you are and why your business is fit for their needs. You can insert links if you want to, but you’re more likely treading dangerous grounds as Google may restrict your application. We highly suggest using relevant keywords instead.


Include photos in the listing


Isn’t it more appealing when you see pictures of certain establishments in Google Maps? Those business lists that include photos are much more likely to be clicked than those without pictures.


Customer Reviews


We are not really that confident if customer review is really a part of Google’s algorithm but it is clear that a business with no or few reviews will be struggling to compete with businesses with a high number of reports. So it is always best to have constant reviews from your clients.


Digital Marketing Takeaway

With all that is written above, we bet you already understand how local maps marketing plays a vital role in the digital marketing world. Do you have any opinion that you would like to share with us? Share it in the comment box! Good luck on your future ventures!

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