Contact Support Solutions

Contact Support Solutions

We Provide Outsourced Technical and Contact Support Services


Contact Support Solutions

We Provide Outsourced Technical and Contact Support Services

Always on time. Grow your business with strong customer relationships.

It is paramount for every business to ensure an exceptional customer experience when aiming for a good brand reputation. For quite some time now, it is no longer enough for brands just to provide top notch products. Most customers prefer businesses that can give them high-quality services and support.

For a business to have a contact support platform means there is a proactive step to address customers’ concerns. Here at LinkVista Digital Inc., we will help you establish your contact support system to ensure the lifespan of your company. When you work with us, your clients will experience quality customer service delivery and your brand will generate strong customer loyalty. By outsourcing customer support to us, whether through phone, email or live chat, you can create a more powerful and more reliable communication channel with your valued clients.

Experience cost-efficient business solutions with our contact center and amazing BPO services now. We will help you enhance your customer relations, drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, cut down operational costs, improve your productivity as a business, and in the long run promote your name in the industry where you belong.

Inbound Customer Services

Responsive and Reliable - Deliver customers’ needs.

Retaining a business means you have to provide a reliable and high-quality customer service. Customer retention is an essential aspect of keeping a business running. It is hard to build a strong and solid customer base that’s loyal to your brand when you do not even have an excellent inbound support.

No matter how many customers you get, you can’t keep them without taking care of their needs before, during, and after purchase. That is why having an inbound specialist is important in showing your brand’s dedication to your customers.

  • Commitment to a high-quality service

A dedicated agency will provide its customers the support they need all throughout the purchase process.

  • Inbound and outbound calls and services

Partner with us and you get to provide your audience with a dependable customer support.

  • Skilled workforce

Part of our call center representative responsibilities is to provide you with reliable communication strategies and efficient management approach.

Our contact support team understands that you have other vital matters to attend to, yet you also want to make sure your customers get the kind of service they deserve. With our language-proficient agents and valuable customer service inbound training methods, you can provide your market with the utmost care in a manner that upholds your brand personality.

Technical Support Services

Informed and Driven. We offer more than just tech support.

Tech support services have taken on a crucial role in keeping businesses running smoothly. But sometimes it can be difficult to get the kind of service that will cater to all your needs. Any company belonging to the tech and electronic industry knows that the dynamics between a business and its consumers do not end upon purchase.

There has to be a reliable and outstanding tech support service for every product your company provides. Providing the needed Technical Support services to respond to a substantial volume of issues on a daily basis can be staggering and difficult to handle.

That is why the Technical Support team of LinkVista Digital, Inc. is here to help you take on that challenge by providing your clients the assistance they need. Being one of the leading technical support providers, we deliver more than just information. Our agents are IT experts trained to empathize with consumers while relaying technical information into a language that customers can understand and follow. We also see to it that the communication connection our Tech Support agent makes is secure and its approach goes according to what your customer prefers.

  • Online IT Support Services

We understand the specific business requirements of our clients to ensure we provide quality customer care that will differentiate their brands from the competition. We will provide online technical support for B2C and B2B spaces and address specific customer needs. While B2C and B2B have the same basic principles for customer care, which is to resolve issues as quickly as possible, they still differ in major aspects like the complexity of problems and volume of requests for support. Other technical support and services we offer are customer sales and support services, post-sales support services, and technical helpdesk services.

  • Remote Computer Support

A cost-efficient remote network monitoring service that would give you a stable and strong IT system will help your business function well. That is why you have to make sure your IT infrastructure is operating smoothly. We will provide you with reliable remote computer technical support for your networks, databases, and servers to improve your business performance without the need to exponentially increase your capital expenses. Our other online technical support services are smart remote monitoring, security monitoring, and end-to-end reports, troubleshooting, and system analyses.

Billing / Retention

Precise and Proven - Fine tune your business with accuracy.

One of the most important aspects of providing good contact support while running a business is the issuance of an accurate bill to your clients. Any faulty billing or inaccurate amount will drive your customers away from you. Most, if not all, would see this as an unprofessional manner for your business to handle customers. More often than not, customers will avoid having any future transactions with you.

The good thing is, it doesn’t have to end up this way for your business. LinkVista Digital, Inc. has a team of highly trained Contact Support professionals equipped to guarantee consumer satisfaction in every billing. So while you prioritize other core action plans for your business, let our team handle ancillary services like bill generation as well as account maintenance.

Avoid billing mistakes such as overbilling and underbilling by working with our Contact Support team to further strengthen the possibility of you achieving business success. With LinkVista Digital, Inc., you no longer have to worry about billing errors that might lead to costly audits and, worse, legal repercussions. Just let our highly trained team do the work while you focus on building your business.

Chat / Email Support Help Desk

Proactive and Effective. Engage your online visitors.

Any business knows how crucial it is to respond to the emails that customers and prospective clients send. That holds true more than ever since email became a major communication medium for professionals and companies regardless of size. There are thousands of emails that customers send on a daily basis, and that amount makes the task enormous in its right. And aside from the large volume of emails that businesses have to handle daily, there are also numerous queries that customers channel through chat platforms.

But you don’t have to worry about all these. LinkVista Digital, Inc. will provide you the Chat and Email Support Help Desk you need to answer all of your customer’s questions and messages. By outsourcing Chat and Email Support to us, your clients will have a better online experience as they navigate smoothly through your site. There will be a responsive team on standby, ready to answer any and all of your audience’s queries at the soonest time possible. Any communication that entails solutions to product and service issues is welcome. LinkVista Digital, Inc. will attend to your customers, and in the long run take care of your brand name.

Inside Sales

An Extension of your Team. Maximize your market share.

Inside sales are all about remote sales. For a company to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world, it needs to generate enough sales leads. But with constraints on time and budget, most businesses find it difficult to obtain leads and end them as closed deals. And so, there is a need for Inside Sales techniques to address that challenge.

LinkVista Digital, Inc. has the experience, capability, and business acumen to produce actionable sales leads through our outsourcing services for inside sales. Our team has helped companies promote, market, and sell their products and services while reaping more benefits. Availing our Inside Sales services will improve your sales pipeline as we customize our action plans according to what your company needs.

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