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Citations: Why Do They Matter And How Can We Get It?

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Owning a business that does not have its website or has an outdated website has an enormous disadvantage. For one, people nowadays tend to search for everything online. From the clothes they buy, the gadgets they purchase, practically everything now is searchable. Now, if you feel left out with the latest trends, there is still a way of noticing your business online. The marketing experts would prefer this as a Local Business Citation.


By definition, a citation is any form of mentioning your business out on the internet, even without a link. Quotes can come in different types, and they are the following:


  • The name of your company by itself
  • The name of your business with contact details
  • The name of your company, with contact details, and the location.
  • The name of your business, with contact details, location information, and a link.


There are reasons for why citations are necessary. One would be if a well-established, and well-indexed portal site your business on their page, this can help increase the degree of assurance that search engines have about your company’s contact details and categorization.


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Another important factor to consider is that citations can also help search engines to confirm that your business is a legitimate one. In addition, this is also a crucial element of your ranking in local search engines.


On another note, citations are essential in less-competitive recesses where many service providers do not own websites themselves. Without sufficient information, search engines will completely rely on what are the only information available.


One more important element is that citations can also confirm that the business is part of a community. Nowadays, there are companies that fake their memberships in any aspects, so it is highly important that the enterprise cited should belong to an individual community.


Lastly, citations and links from well-known pages online can dramatically improve your rankings in local search engines.


Now that you know why citations for your business are necessary, now the question is, where can you get citations? What are the possible sites where we can get citations? Here is a list of potential sources where you can get citations:


Check Local Search Engines Icon Local Search Engines


Search engines like Google and Bing regularly send out their spiders over the Internet for citations that will confirm your business’ information, such as the name, location and contact details, in their indexes. Listed on sites such as in Foursquare and Swarm can inevitably increase the confidence of search engines in the accuracy of your information.


Some local businesses may want to involve themselves in a collaborative citation-building advocacy that will secure themselves to list themselves in many relevant, quality local business directories as much as possible.


Check Local Blogs Icon Local Blogs


Blogging sites is a great platform where you can get your business listed. Getting your business listed in blogs can change particularly depending on geography. However, if you just perform a search on search engines for blog sites, you will likely spot a few good candidates to choose.


The pages that will appear for this kind of search engine, and highly associated with a particular location in results. Bloggers treat these businesses mentioned in their posts as trusted and relevant search results in local search engines.


Check Locally Focused Directories Icon Locally Focused Directories


Just like blog pages, there are well-indexed online directories by search engines, and they are highly joined with a particular location. Directories that are edited by a person is better that the ones that label itself as “free for all”. A less chance of exposure to spam content is possible when re-written by a person, and are, therefore, trusted by the search engines.


Check Industry-Focused Directories or Blogs Icon Industry-Focused Directories or Blogs


If a web page solely focuses on keywords and topics that relate to your products and services, including it among the websites that local search engines count as citation sources are inevitable. Even though, the site does not focus on a particular location.


These sites are high candidates for you to get citations. However, you should also remember to get quotations from trusted companies as well. It is better that you do so because it can boost your business’ reputation when cited by a well-established business.


Therefore, if you think that you cannot venture your business on online marketing with creating or updating your website, there is still a chance for online promotion for your business. Just make sure that your company has a well-established reputation offline before establishing your identity online.


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