INFOGRAPHIC: Challenges in Employee Recruitment and Retention in Call Centers

By: Patrick P. | September 20, 2016

The success of an organization highly depends on this first important step: hiring and keeping your good employees.

Out of hundreds and even thousands, how do you select the ones who will work for your company? When selecting future employees you are choosing them not really for your brand but for your brand ambassadors, and those are your customers. In this article, we will look at some of the challenges when it comes to employee recruitment and retention in call centers.  

Understaffed or Overstaffed Offices

Call center managers face an array of challenges all the time. At times, managers have to deal with numerous customers during peak hours. One of the reasons that this happens is because of understaffing.

On the other hand, to manage and control the peak days, managers hire more employees which can be a cause for overstaffing. For sure, managers know how to strike the balance of when to hire additional employees or not. But the different needs of different times surely present a challenge, causing offices to either be overstaffed or understaffed.


When Customers Magnify Their Bad Experiences

As time goes by, the expectations of the consumers from brands and companies go higher and higher. If there is a time when the expectation of the customer is not met by the company, the consequence would be a bad review posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, consumers will be discouraged in doing business with your company again and will search other brands that can satisfy their needs.  

Increased Level of Customer Satisfaction

These days, there are more and more apps for online shopping. Products and services can reach consumers within twenty-four hours. Brands can now reach consumers all over the world without putting up stores in all the major cities.

Nowadays, consumer satisfaction has increased. They expect only the best products and services from companies. If this is not being met, they will surely change their minds about a certain brand. Companies will risk losing their clientele who will be difficult to get back.

Working Around Inaccurate Data

Customer information and personal data are some of the most important data information in the call center business. There are different tools and gadgets that can be used for reporting and analyzing this information, including the agents’ productivity graphs.

The call center manager takes on different responsibilities to provide the daily reports of agents, sending them to the relevant departments. These data are important to accurately analyze because this is a way to measure if the agents are performing well and if the customers are satisfied with the services being provided to them.


Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

When you try to do more but with less the resources and the flexibility, you’re in for some trouble. There should be a balance between what your call center can commit to doing and the resources available to commit to those responsibilities. If not, the manager will encounter double the problems and with little resources to fix them.

This is why there should be an accurate data of the call center. It is at times like this that accurate data can help in measuring if a call center is capable of doing certain tasks and commit to them fully.



Call center managers who manage a group of agents will find out along the way about the different strategies on how to increase the agent’s productivity levels. This highly depends on the kind of accounts the call center is handling and their various demands.


The challenges discussed above are just some of the basic challenges that a call center manager can encounter. Surely, there are more, and there are more difficult ones. The best kind of manager is one who, overwhelmed by the many difficulties along the way, can find a better way of dealing with these challenges by learning from them and continuously improving their strategies for the call center.


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