Video Advertising: The New Medium of Social Media Marketing

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  The new era of TV advertorials and advertising blossomed when creative minds finally adapt the possibilities of a new medium which takes advantage of the fact that every household nowadays had a flat screen.   Television is still a formidable medium of creative works, advertising for example.  However, it’s already in direct competition with […]

Facebook Live Video Map Now Shows Global Live Streams Through Desktop

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In February this year, Facebook began rolling out live video streaming for its users worldwide. This means that there is already an added freedom for every individual to stream video of themselves or any event somewhere on the planet at any given period. In fact, at its F8 developer conference, Facebook has unveiled a myriad […]

Infographic: How The Social Media Affects The Modern Politics In The Philippines

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The Philippines is on the verge of a political revolution, and this very change is vividly exemplified in the past month’s political explosions having social media as the major platform. This country, as an archipelago has a staggering population of 101,985,415 (Data were taken from as of April 29, 2016), with 54.4 million registered […]