The Curious Case of Dark Social Media and Why You Should Pay Attention To It

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    Dark Social. Dark Traffic. Dark Social Media. Whatever you want to call it, the common adjective remains- dark. When you’re in the dark, you can hardly grasp things; you’re unable to figure out what is going on because you can see nothing.   For marketers, it’s almost an innate need to track and […]

Mobile-First Indexing: How is it Valuable for Your Brand?

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    Google announced its first move towards the so-called “mobile-first index” system last November 2016. It’s a massive shift from “desktop-first” indexing that people use for a long time. It’s a change that profoundly reflects the behaviors of users when it comes to searching the web today.   For the recent years, the presence […]

Fresh Rules In Digital Advertising – Things You Need To Ponder

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  It is unarguable that digital marketing takes the commercial world by storm. This year will be no different as various digital media forms like the Internet, social media platforms, and digital advertising is being utilized to sell products and services to consumers across the globe.   When it comes to digital channels,  marketers and […]

Video Advertising: The New Medium of Social Media Marketing

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  The new era of TV advertorials and advertising blossomed when creative minds finally adapt the possibilities of a new medium which takes advantage of the fact that every household nowadays had a flat screen.   Television is still a formidable medium of creative works, advertising for example.  However, it’s already in direct competition with […]