How to Boost Business Productivity Through Useful Apps

By: Patrick P. | February 1, 2017

In this dawn of time, technology is just at the tips of a person’s fingertips. A business can now run using applications and software only even without the need of a physical and concrete building. Due to the increased usage of the internet, business transactions can now happen anywhere across the globe.


Because of the increase of usage of Internet by businesses and customers. A better way to improve business is to make use of this technological breakthrough. The massive growth of adoption of these technologies around the globe has brought managers puzzled on how to position their businesses to benefit from this effectively.


Any manager would be aware by now that having access to e-mail is hugely insufficient for increasing productivity for the company. Using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and PDAs, along with their different software and applications, make it easier for businesses to communicate with customers, vendors, and staff.


Companies are always learning more about the ways mobile technology can increase and improve productivity and eventually lead to growth and greater profitability. Listed below are some of the key applications that you can use to make your business better.


Cloud Storage Cloud-Based Storage and Collaboration


Cloud-Based Storage and Collaboration can either be Dropbox or Google Drive. Dropbox or Google Drive is used in order to cater your files in the cloud. Moreover, using this application can let you view and access your files from your phone.


Both cloud-based storage are important, however, Google Drive is preferred because it offers collaboration capabilities and other important editing capabilities. Google Drive also constantly and automatically saves your documents in your drive.


security Password Protector


The main purpose of this app is for it to provide and strengthen privacy to many important documents, files, and other necessities for the business. A password protector such as 1Password or LastPass gives off extra security. Using this app, you can generate different, strong passwords for each software or service you use.


For example, 1Password syncs via iCloud or Dropbox. Each time you need a password, you just open the app using your master password, find the needed entry you are looking for, then just copy the password to your clipboard. It’ll take a little of your time using this process of copying your password, but, it gives extra security for your business.


communication Team Communications


The need for an app that provides a way for you and your employees to communicate is very important whether it’s a virtual organization or not. An app for communication increases your business’ productivity because it becomes easier for you and your employees to send a quick note or reminder to someone within the business premises.


Applications for communication such as HipChat, Teamwork, or Campfire offer convenience and quick way to communicate with each other within and outside the business premises. Since it also offer mobile apps, you can still communicate with your people even if you’re not in the building.


 Business Expense Keeper


For keeping track of your expenses in the business, you can use either expensify or expense manager. Expensify is a cloud-based service for paying and submitting expense reports. It can also connect you to credit cards and QuickBooks. With this application, you can take photos of transactions from your credit cards


time Time Management Tracker


In order to boost productivity, you need to manage your time efficiently doing necessary and important tasks. Time management apps help you organize and manage your time. Apps such as Trello and EasilyDo helps you track the workflow of your employees. You can also check traffic, identify unresponded emails, takes note of your meetings on your calendar, and also add flights to the calendar.




Living in a digital world, people are now in constant use of technology in their daily lives. Because of such technological breakthrough, businesses are also in constant pursue in finding ways to increase productivity by making use of applications and software to make the business better.


Customers nowadays are also on the move, and they are using mobile application platforms to transact from one business to the other. Whether they use tablets, cell phones or other mobile devices, they can now have transactions anytime and anywhere. Businesses must also innovate and make use of such technological trend to keep up.


There are many applications available to utilize that could make your business better. Such applications are categories of web, cloud, and mobile apps that are beneficial in boosting productivity, minimizing costs and increasing profit.


Before deciding which app to use, you must first identify areas of inefficiency in your business. Afterwards, research apps that can address that particular unproductive part of the business.


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