How to Boost AdWords Performance With Simple Yet Efficient Approaches

By: Patrick P. | February 6, 2017

AdWords is Google’s advertising services for companies wanting to display their ads on the search engine giant and all its networks.


When using the AdWords program, you should set aside a budget for your business promotion since you’ll only need to make a payment once people click your ads. And that service involves the use of keywords.


Search campaign using AdWords can bring your company to a higher level. And here, we are going to explore different tactics for AdWord Search campaigns so we can enhance your advertising.


Let us go into an assortment of strategies that are operational, some of which you’ll likely recognize.

Pay Per Click

Most businesses wish for pay-per-click (PPC) performance alternatives that can drastically improve their metrics overnight. However, that sounds like an impossible venture that the impatient one will take.


Though they don’t happen overnight, there are still ways to overhaul your PPC account colossally.


Pay-per-click performance is not just about the account rather it is more of lifetime value opportunities, traffic, conversion, and sales.


It is an entity you can test and improve every day for your customers, to squeeze in more ROI from pay-per-click.



 Dive Deep Into Unfathomable Abyss


Your goal is optimizing conversions. However, are you sure you’re in the correct path? The placement and the keyword you are bidding both operate differently not only the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) side but the sales side, as well.


Saas, eCommerce, lead generation conversion all have a particular currency value even if you are utilizing AdWord. The downside of this is that SaaS and lead generation do not reveal values inside the AdWords unless you start doing sales optimization that is not for conversion.


If you have not initiated this, then start utilizing Google’s ValueTrack parameters. It allows you to recognize which among the keywords and placements do not reach your target conversion rate and which is generating the maximum sales rate.


Then relate that to your customer relationship management (CRM) lead data or create a spreadsheet to compare which of the two entities generates more money.


That will pave the way to setting up new goals for your CPA and allow you to make a bid on particular keywords that have exceptional sales conversion rates than the rest.

Lead Optimising

For example, Both Keyword A and B have a conversion rate of 5 percent, but Keyword A is generating a sales conversion rate of 32 percent higher compared to Keyword B’s 11 percent.


Should that be the case, then aggressively bid on Keyword A. That is if you are interested in generating more money.


It does not stop here, though. How about if you have recurring sales (not just the one-shot sale)? It would interest you to know which placements or keywords generate longer lifetime customer value.


Well, with Google ValueTrack Parameters, as mentioned a while ago, you can utilize AdWords tracking template to monitor anything from a keyword, device, and geographic location.


With these concrete data, you can put to an end wasting funds on conversion channels, which many of your competitors falsely think is a gold mine.


 Explore Your AdWords Account For High Performance


Did you know that viewers click links on the search engine results page in a ‘split of a second’ after each time it loads? That means people do not even focus on reading the entirety of one AdWord advertisement before they decide to go ahead to the next one.


So what chances do you have of people clicking on your ad or of improving your AdWord performance without the need to raise up bids and spend more.

pay per click ad

The secret is Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG), which means for every ad group there is only one keyword. Its goal is to build strong relevance between ad and keyword so that CTR, cost per conversion metrics, and the quality scores improve.

Sounds too good to be true?

SKAGs are ad groups with one keyword having three match types. For example, if you’re selling cold drinks on a hot summer day, keywords in your SKAG would appear like this:

[thirst quenching coca-cola]
“thirst quenching coca-cola.”
+thirst +quenching +coca-cola

Take note, these are not broad match keywords.

You retain the three different match types because they will perform in three different ways. You may place bids along across three, but optimization goes with them once the data all comes in.


Take note, however, if you have hundreds or thousands of keyword, do not migrate them all to SKAGs because that is impossible.


Start establishing into SKAGs the first five search terms so you can compare the stats before and afterward. So, if these results do improve, continue granulating the other keywords.


As you go along, make sure your keywords are matching your search terms. If they mismatch, build a new SKAG while wiping out any domestic competition with a negative keywords ad group level.


 Revolutionize Campaigns and Landing Pages


Realizing how amazing AdWords can be for business (if done correctly), the next question is: How much time shall I spend on my site or landing pages as I did with my account in AdWords?

The question is important because we have to know that AdWords is just a bait, meaning, the deciding conversion factor is not the ad that people click, but ultimately your landing page.


Stop obsessing over quality scores and impression shares when you already have a decent quality traffic volume from Adwords. A keyword with 1/10 score that is of high quality and can give you profit is still not valuable if you have to spend five hours to arrive at 3/10.


KeywordsFocus on aggressively testing your landing pages so you can easily see the positive impact of your keywords. Using the SKAG approach will secure your AdWords foundation and allow you to spend less time on your account and still generate better results.


You can dedicate instead the time you saved to user testing or conversion rate optimization. Improving your rates of conversion means you get a higher volume of conversions while paying less.


To transform your campaigns for AdWords, spend time and effort releasing more margins. Being in the lead generating space, always think it is a three-way process: Traffic >> Conversion >> Sale.


Companies who win the PPC game, are those that spend more in acquiring a customer. With that in mind, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals through your landing pages and AdWords account.


 Frost Competitor’s Progress


Out there, it’s an awfully PPC freezing world. Individuals are making a bid on brand names, trying hard to snatch eyeballs, and taking advantage of their adversary’s market channels. When that happens, it makes us a little bit lazy and tempts us to crawl into our bed to do nothing instead.


But before you lose all hope, take a look at the Auction Insights found inside AdWords account, and explore the domains which are in competition with you.


Segregate domains one by one and take note of which keywords, landing page tests, and display placements they’re trying to run.


When you finally discover the ads and keywords your competitors are utilizing, use the tools iSpionage, SpyFu, and SEMrush and crawl which of the competitor’s ads are at best. Using these data points, fuel up to test your inspiration and growth.

Here’s the best hack that could chill up your competitors out in the cold.

Use campaigns on RLSA to make a bidding (+300 percent bid adjustment) on the competitor’s keywords after somebody has visited your site or landing page.


Potential customers will take a long time comparing you and your opponent particularly if the conversion cycle is long.




Whatever is your industry, big holes are always in existence for you to take advantage of, which your adversaries are not willing to fill. And usually, the reason is: ‘they’re lazy.’


Focus on swamping out prospects with profit, and then success will be on your way. You might not be able to measure the exact value today, but in the future, you will see the success of taking advantage of every AdWord traffic in the long run.


Focus on landing page testing, if you do not have enough quality traffic. And manipulate your sales skills, if you can’t close a deal with your fixed conversion rates.


The AdWords cycle which involves three steps, namely traffic, conversion, and sale, has gargantuan impacts which will skyrocket all boats in a rising tide.


Just remember to utilize high-performing and quick pay-per-click changes on your social media channels, grow your exchange rates using fixed landing pages, and revitalize your offers to have a smaller cost for every conversion.


Of course, all these ideas will become useless if there are no follow-up actions. That is a challenge for everyone: Capture enormous opportunities and begin generating profit today.


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