Basic Principles Of SEO That Can Help Businesses Gain Popularity Online

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Businesses today has started to use the Internet as a marketing tool for their products and services. In today’s time, many people use the Internet for various activities. Some activities include interacting with friends on social media platforms and downloading the latest songs from in-demand artists. In addition, online shopping is also becoming a trend.


Since almost everyone on the planet uses the Internet for a number of activities, businesses have started to venture out and create an online website for their companies. There they freely post their products and services, and net surfers could just search for what your business is offering and decide whether to buy it or not.


Of course, a proper marketing strategy is still essential if you want your business to be successful, websites also need to have a marketing strategy for it to excel. One perfect example of an online marketing strategy is the Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO refers to the process of developing the ranking that your website appears in the search results in different search engines.


If your site appears on the higher page of search engines, it leads to a lot of traffic to your site, and it can potentially increase the business the website is getting. Your goal here is to have your company placed on page one of search engines and ideally placed in position one. However, whether this is feasible, this will mainly depend on the market that you are operating.


In cases of doing a mobile phone spacing or traveling, you are fighting a losing battle in page rankings unless you have a stable source of income. In addition, if the product you are offering defines your geographical location, you are a high candidate of at least placed in a search engine’s first page.


If you want your business’ website to be on the first page of search engines, be patient and follow these fundamental principles:


 Enriched Keyword Content


Spiders” are one of the few key tools search engines use to determine your website’s ranking. It a type of software that crawls the web in a systematic, automated manner. They browse your site to determine the actual copy written on the page along with both the use of keywords and phrases. The utilization of this data is to identify the importance of your site when someone enters a keyword or phrase into different search engines.


Consider the searching habits of your customers and target audiences, and ensure that the terms these people might use to find your company’s website should reflect your business. For example, you own a spa business; one important keyword for a spa business is “massage”.


In addition, the text you place on the images of your site cannot be crawled by the spider software, although alternative text associated with the picture is. Therefore, consider carefully the design you placed on your website.


Once the identified keyword is in place, make sure that they will be visible in the body of your site, as well as in the unseen data, the metadata. Here, spiders can crawl to gather the essential information about your page. You can accomplish this yourself if you have a little knowledge in HTML and can access your server, or hire a web developer for help.




PageRank is a number scored out of ten that given to your website based on internal and external links. Linking will help search engines verify the trustworthiness of your page. Linking to other pages allows “link juice” to take place. Link juice is a colloquial term in SEO, which means the power and equity passed to a site via links from inbound and outbound sources. This power then becomes a vote for recommendation for your page, an important factor in determining your site’s search ranking.


While you cannot control the links to your page, you can do something to improve your site’s PageRank score. One example is linking your site to your social media accounts. In addition, you can also enlist yourself on free, open directories or professional entities related to your website.


Both the internal and external links are critical. Make sure you site your references and provide a hyperlink whenever you mention another website. As for internal links, linking scrupulously will increase the amount of time spent on your site by the spiders.


Consider going back to your menu structure or try including a quick links footer, which will ensure that every page on your web page has a link to all other pages on it.


 Keep Content Fresh and Updated


Frequently updating the content of your web page can increase the rate of search engine spiders crawling to your site. Consider creating a monthly task to change texts on your page, as well as images or adding and removing pages. Doing so will ensure an updated website.

In addition, you can also start a blog on your site and allocate some time each day or every week to write contents that are of high importance to your target audience. The task might be burdensome or daunting at first, but if you get used to it and becomes a regular habit.


These basic principles are the principles that keep SEO a very effective online marketing strategy. Using SEO in your business, whether it be small or large, can help you boost your sales, and it can give your business authenticity, trustworthiness, and a noble brand identity. Consider starting an SEO in Davao now and your future in sales will be as bright as the sun above.

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