Ad Blockers Are Slowly Killing The Internet

By: Patrick P. | April 6, 2016

The advancement of technology had brought sophistication to online advertising. Today, the common belief of the people revolves around the idea that advertising is becoming intrusive and occasionally becoming overly aggressive in pursuing its intentions. Can you still count the exact number of times when you are startled by a pop-up ad, an audio or a video ad automatically surfacing out in  the blue on the certain page you are exploring?


When visited by a thought of having an ad-free internet, often do we neglect to see its negative sides, not realizing the complications it has to bring to free content access and content quality. True! Ad blocking may have benefits for internet users but it is for an extremely short-term only. When ad blocking flourishes, the consequences for both the content provider and the users are many and correlative.

Online Advertising Pays for the Publishers’ Expenses


Technically, the contents which you have a free access online costs the publisher an amount of money. Now when a certain user would turn on ad-blocking, the publisher of the content’s revenue will be greatly affected. True that ad blocking doesn’t have a direct effect on content publishers who earn through cost per click ads, but know that a good number of publishers today do earn through ad impressions (CPM).


Every time a certain ad is displayed on a certain web page, it is counted as an ad-impression whether the user clicks on it or not. Through this, the publisher earns money to pay to its content writers to ensure quality on its every post.


Beyond the short moment of advertising’s nuisance, know that it benefits you. These advertisements keep these contents free and of quality. When ad blockers are installed, the publishers can’t get a fund to spend in producing quality contents that can be quickly accessed by you and other users. The thing is that online advertising keeps the content publishers to have enough funds to spend in providing free and accessible contents for every user.


What happens to us when Ad Blockers Will continue to prosper?



Content Access May No Longer be “Free”


Again, advertising is an important source of funds for most information websites. With little ad revenue, content providers and article writing services will be greatly devastated. In an effort to improve losses on revenues, a number of publishers may be forced to use different paid digital content models.


Due to a more advanced Ad blocking technologies, online advertising is no longer a viable option for media personas and publications making them resort to different revenue models which could, in turn, affect users. Great contents may no longer be accessed for free!


Content Quality will be Greatly Compromised


Most companies have been using paid models to replenish lost revenues caused by ad blockers while others would tend to find more viable ways to lessen the costs of content creation. Creating poor quality contents could be one of the major options every publisher may consider.
Most of this publishers would rather recourse to hiring low-paying professionals. Quality does come at a cost. If such is the case, content quality over the web will be greatly compromised.


The Voice of Intrusiveness


For good reasons, online advertising is not as pushy compared to other forms of adverts. Studies have been consistent in showing that most of the consumers do not wish to be part of any advertising loops they don’t have any consent about. Further, in comparison to the intrusiveness of the promotional scheme of TV, cinema, etc., online ads are rather gentle.



Resisting to use ad blockers is your pledge to keep the internet contents of quality and accessible for free. Letting these advertisements show up on your screen won’t hurt you in as much as you making a great contribution to a publication or website’s sustainability.


Ultimately, ad blocking-free web is essential for commercially sustainable internet. Now, letting ads show up or using ad blockers; the choice is yours, it’s just that you just need to think and realize how such choice is going to affect the future of the internet.


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