5 Ways to Accelerate Your Inbound Sales Pipeline

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Have you already optimized your sales organization? Are they able to convert inbound leads into customers? Take your time to think about that.


When selling services or products over the phone, it looks like your marketing team is already working in overdrive so they can generate a steady supply of inbound leads. It’s true; marketers spend hours and hours investing on ads and writing content that can entice the qualified leads to just pick up their phones. However, the problem here is that most companies, maybe yours including, are yet to have your inbound sales optimized.  


But don’t fret, now that you’re reading this, it’s not too late to start optimizing the processes of your inbound sales. In this article, we will look at some of the ways that many of our businesses are already doing to build up their inbound lead-to-close rates.


Put a Distinction Between Your Inbound and Outbound Sales Reps

For most companies, they think that sales are sales, and that’s that. But it’s not. Sales reps will be able to perform better if they can focus on a set of specific tasks and stick to that. They get to specialize in a certain field.


If this can be done, results will come way quicker. In this case, you ought to have two teams, those who are going to receive the calls or inbound reps, and those who are going to make the calls or outbound reps. This way, they can certainly focus on helping customers with their problems, or selling your products and services.


Divide Your Team Into Product Specialists

It is easier for your reps to work with the customers if they specialize in a certain product or business. If your clients are asking about a certain product, it is easier to point them in the right direction since you have product specialists available.


If everyone knows just a little bit of something, it won’t really help since they are just going to spend time going back and forth, maybe asking each other questions to which no one has the answer to. You can imagine the scenario. And your clients will just get irritated by the lack of knowledge of your reps. To prevent this from happening, specialize, specialize, specialize.

Make Use of Your Sales Scripts

Sales scripts are a necessary part when it comes to telemarketing. The thing here is that you don’t need to stick to the scripts completely. They’re there as a guide for your conversation with the customers. When you’ve trained your reps well, they won’t be needing to use it verbatim in the first place. It will just be a guide for the important talking points. They will also get to access information about the latest promotions that they can share with the customers.


Provide Marketers Feedback Real-Time

RingDNA has a call rating tool which allows reps to give marketers feedback in real-time about lead quality according to particular marketing campaigns. You can’t expect every rep to convert unqualified leads into customers. You can’t expect that from the best of them. That’s why there’s a need for a system that can alert marketing, real time.


The ways to do this include reps logging data manually in custom CRM fields. However, the reps may be able to take more calls if there is a way that can quickly alert the marketing department to the quality of leads that the campaigns generate. Here, the call rating tool of RingDNA can help in optimizing campaigns and driving more qualified traffic towards inbound sales reps.


Record the Calls

By recording the calls, inside sales managers can learn, straight from the front lines, which tactics are working and what aren’t. For example, some reps can create more pipeline than the rest; maybe that can be studied to see what they are doing so that the rest can practice and replicate that strategy. Some can just be naturals when it comes to creating opportunities while some need practice. Recorded calls are a way to learn these things.


5 Ways to Accelerate Your Inbound Sales Pipeline

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