5 Helpful Ways To Optimize WordPress Websites For Startups

By: Patrick P. | September 6, 2016

WordPress is now considered as the most impressive platform for every entrepreneur in creating their website for their startup business. This content management service (CMS) is now utilized by millions of entrepreneurs from around the globe. In fact, more than 400 million websites today are powered by WordPress. These facts clearly show the significance of WordPress for every modern business.


Put simply, the primary reasons that made WordPress extremely popular are the number of theme options and the flexibility of social media integration. However, it will be equally important to keep necessary things in mind before you proceed using WordPress for your business site.


Go For High-quality Themes


There are thousands of premium or free themes that are available for individuals who are thinking of creating a WordPress-based business site for their startup. But, make sure to get extra careful in choosing a reliable theme. The theme must be flexible to allow you have the ability to execute modifications without having to experience much difficulty.


Find Hosting


This is another essential consideration that you must look carefully into when having to create a website for your startup. You would need to find a managed WordPress hosting service that will assist you to keep your site running and working all the time. Further, they must be able to offer or provide regular backups and updates.


Wisely Choose Your Plugins


Having to install numerous plugins within your WordPress website will greatly harm your site’s performance. Make it certain that you only add the plugins that you will actively need and have the remaining all deleted.


Configure Your Website Accordingly


After Finalizing your WordPress installation, you must be able to configure it accordingly. Examples are; you must think as to how the comments are going to get moderated, permalinks are set up and other necessary practices. This can be easily done in WordPress settings and must be instituted during your initial setup.


Make Sure Site Is Mobile Friendly


Most site visitors are going to access your site using their mobile devices. Thus, it will be ultimately essential to have your WordPress-based site to be responsive on mobiles or tablets to enable you provide a quality experience for users.

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