5 Best Practices for Inbound Sales Teams

By: Patrick P. | September 13, 2016

  1. Be a Thought Leader

When you think about it, as a consumer, we don’t immediately buy products from brands we don’t know, or we are not familiar with. It would be hard to buy a product not knowing if it works, if its reviews are good, or if it’s plain legit. You see, the buying process is not as simple as acquiring commodities in exchange for money, no. It takes more than that. It takes emotion, trust, education, and a good relationship to get a consumer to buy a product.

As your company’s thought leader, you will have to take care of quite a number of sales funnel challengers. You have to make the people aware that you are there and that your products are available. They have to notice you.

Next, you have to achieve the status where your brand will be the first thing that will come to mind when people think about a certain product. Lastly, you have to make the people trust you, your brand, your products, and your services. When you achieve this, they will become the brand advocates on your behalf.

  1. Be the Best Listening Ear There Is

We are selfish people. That’s a fact. It’s not always bad, you know. It simply means that we put ourselves first before anyone else. And that’s okay; that’s actually quite natural. That’s why we were able to survive as a species; we knew how to fight our way to the top of the food chain.

But in the case of you and your company, as a leader, you have to think beyond yourself. You have to think about your employees. You have to think about your customers. And yes, you even have to think about your competitors so you’ll know how to get ahead.

When it comes to your customers, you have to care about them the way you take care of your company. This is essential because they are the reason why your company is still up and running in the first place. Believe me; clients know if the company really cares about their consumers and they will appreciate that.

One of the best ways you can show that you care about your customers is when you take the time to listen to them. Listen to what they like and also what they don’t like about your products and services. That is the way to improve. You may think that your product is great, but it may have some glitches. The customers will be the first to notice those. Listen, listen, and listen to them. You’ll do your company a favor by doing so.

  1. Get Your Team Mobile-Ready

Mobile is here in our present, and it mostly likely will be in the future. If your team is not equipped with mobile devices, you are good as doomed. You are missing out on all the updates, leads, and sales that you’re missing out by not being available mobile.

Mobile devices are a must when it comes to instant and constant communication. Your team can also do research while on the move. Imagine the things they can do while on the road if they have their laptops, tablets, and smartphones with them (they shouldn’t be the ones driving, though, that will be dangerous!). Instead of being tied down to their office cubicles, they can actually take their office with them and even meet more clients by being on the move.

  1. Be Social

If your company is not yet on any social media platform, then you’re being left behind, my friend. If your company is expected to be somewhere, it’s on social media be it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest or all of the social media platforms if possible.

You need to get out there and be reachable to your clientele where they can ask questions, make comments and suggestions directly.

It’s not enough to have a page on these social media platforms; you have to be active in it. You have to be there to actually engage and communicate with your customers.

  1. No Excuses!

You are an adult. And your company is being run by adults. There’s just no room for excuses here. And what does this mean? It means you and your company has to be prepared for everything.

Your company should have conducted the necessary researches, studied the numerous recommendations and suggestions, your brand spokesperson should have practiced his or her speech, your teams should have studied the competitors and how to get ahead of them, this and so much more. You have to be ready. At any point in the business, preparation is key.


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